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All the accessories to help you find your stride and conquer miles with your best friend. Active dog harnesses and leashes made for runners with comfort and performance from sidewalk to trail.


All the accessories to help you find your stride and conquer miles with your best friend. Active dog harnesses and leashes made for runners with comfort and performance from sidewalk to trail.

Running With Dogs Made Easy

Strap up your pup, tie your laces, and hit the paces! Getting outdoors and enjoying exercise with your dog should be easy. EzyDog’s collection of dog running gear simplifies running with dogs, providing secure solutions that allow humans and canines to jog together comfortably.

Dog Trail Running Accessories

Exploring trails with dogs is one of life’s most rewarding escapes from busy streets and crosswalks. Dog trail running accessories from EzyDog are made so you and your dog can leave the trailhead behind with everything you need to enjoy the twists and turns of nature’s pawprint-patterned highways. From leashes and harnesses to pick up bags and folding nylon water bowls, we have everything you need to become the perfect trail-running dog/human duo!

Go Further With A Dog Running Leash

When it comes to running with your dog, we have a few dog running leash options. Our popular Road Runner Hands Free Leash reduces the stress of high impact running with dogs, providing a buffer that softens the jolt of sudden movements while still being tight enough to communicate your movement to your dog. With best-in-class durability, it’s no wonder it’s a top choice for endurance athletes that want to do what they love most with their dog beside them.

Prefer to have a hand on your leash, but still want to keep your arms relaxed and in good running form? Check out the Handy Leash, which features a soft-padded neoprene handle that slips over your hand like a glove.

A Dog Running Harness Makes A Difference

Attaching your leash to a harness is always better than a collar while running with your dog. All EzyDog Harnesses are designed to be comfortable and secure by implementing the latest in sports technology and materials. With our complete range of award-winning harnesses, there is a perfect fit for every dog.

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Should my dog run with a collar or harness?

While collars are an OK option for low-impact exercise, a harness is always the better choice for running due to the more even dispersion for force, especially away from the neck. Harnesses also provide improved control and communication to your dog, so they don’t veer off-course.

Is it better to run or walk with a dog?

For most breeds, running regularly is essential to achieve a long healthy life. While walking your dog is certainly a great form of exercise, running will help them to develop a stronger heart and lungs. If you are unable to run comfortably with your dog, then consider taking them to a safe space with room for them to roam with supervision. Teaching your dog to fetch can also be a great way for them to exercise their high energy levels.

How far can dogs run?

Dogs can comfortably run an average of 3-4 miles in moderate temperatures. Longer distances will require breaks and careful planning. Keep runs in warm weather to shorter distance and prioritize routes around water and shade so they can stay hydrated and as cool as possible. Most dogs are loyal to their humans and will dedicate themselves to go above and beyond safe levels of exertion, so it’s a good idea to consult a veterinary expert for a better idea of your dog’s specific capabilities.

What is the best leash for running with dogs?

The Road Runner Leash is the ultimate hands-free dog running leash for any occasion. With built-in Zero Shock Technology, it sets a high standard for all other bungee leashes. The soft neoprene padding makes it comfortable to wear and the included barrel-lock allows you to attach other items like poop bags or car keys, keeping them bounce free. For dogs under 26 lbs, opt for the Road Runner Lite Leash.

How To Run With Your Dog

Running is commonly considered to be a strenuous form of exercise – and that’s BEFORE adding a dog to the mix. Any runner knows that enduring exercise and overcoming adversity merits a great reward, and being able to do that with a companion elevates that experience to a new level.