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Treat Bags and Dog Pick-Up Bag Dispensers

Always be prepared with treats and pickup bags.  We've got the pouches to store treats and pickup bags.  When your faithful canine companion feels the call of nature, the EzyDog dog poop bag dispenser is there to help keep the planet – and hiking boots everywhere – clean! The Doo Bag attaches easily to any of our leashes, putting dog waste bags within reach wherever you and your pooch roam

Reward, Repeat, Reward, Repeat has never been easier with any of our simple to use and very comfortable treat bags.  Each has unique features for waist attachment and treat storage.  With these great choices picking the best one for your needs will be the easiest part of training!

The EzyDog Dog poop bag dispenser is full of options. Clip or velcro it to a any of our dog leashes like the popular Cujo dog leash or hit the trail by attaching the carrier to a dog backpack.

When it comes to dog supplies, the EzyDog dog poop bag dispenser is a must. Don’t make your dog hang his head in shame – pick up after him!

Fully Compatible With a Variety of Dog Poop Bags

The Doo Bag integrates with EzyDog leashes, dog harnesses, and dog backpacks. But, best of all, because of its Velcro strap and sturdy clip, it attaches to anything, from a belt-loop to your water bottle. This hands free EzyDog Doo Bag is better than any dog pick-up bag on the market. Hook the EzyDog Doo Bag to your backpack and keep dog poop bags on hand! Our Treat Bags that include a pick-up bag dispenser work best with pick-up bags on a roll.

Our Bags are:

  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Discreet
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Cleanable
  • Small
  • Attachable
  • Clipable

Available EzyDog Treat Bags and Pick-Up Bag Dispensers:

  • Doo Bag: This pick-up bag dispenser does the job in a tiny and convenient package which attaches to almost anything! (No treat pouch)
  • Snakpak: Our anything but basic treat bag with magnetic closure and choice of belt or belt attachment. (No pick-up bag dispenser.)
  • Snakpak Go: This is the minimalist treat bag with pick-up bag dispenser. With its slim fit you will forget that you brought everything you need. 
  • Snakpak Pro: This treat bag has it all including a magnetic treat pouch, pick-up bag dispenser, reflective trim and more!

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