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Dog Seat Belts

Buckle up your pup! Our innovative collection of dog car restraints keeps dogs in place while in the car and minimizes driver distractions.

Dog Seat Belts

Buckle up your pup! Our innovative collection of dog car restraints keeps dogs in place while in the car and minimizes driver distractions.

Dog Car Restraints Made for Adventure

EzyDog car restraints are made to simplify travelling with dogs and provide a safe solution that also reduces the distractions that can occur when they have too much freedom. Commonly referred to as dog seat belts, these handy accessories easily provide a suitable anchor that attaches to the vehicle and a canine passenger’s harness - so you can keep your eyes on the road knowing your best friend is safely in place.

Start your drives with confidence and industry-leading strength and durability.

How To Put Your Dog in A Seatbelt

It’s easy! Begin by putting your dog’s harness on them – such as the Chest Plate Harness or X-Link Harness. Next, you’ll attach the car restraint to your vehicle – we offer several different options that attach to various parts of the vehicle including the seat belt, seat belt receiver, or ISOFIX safety anchors. Lastly, get your dog into position and attach the free end of the restraint to your dog’s harness -- just as you would a leash.

All EzyDog car restraints are made from reliable and strong materials, including genuine seat belt webbing.

Dog Car Seat Restraining Options

Here’s a quick list of product options for restraining your dog in the vehicle:

  • Seat Belt Restraint: The original EzyDog car restraint which attaches directly to the seat belt.
  • Click Adjustable Car Restraint: An adjustable car restraint that clicks into the seat belt receiver.
  • Click ISOFIX: An adjustable car restraint that attaches to the ISOFIX fixing points (or child car seat anchors), available in standard or extended cargo lengths.
  • Click Zero Shock: Same as the original Click but also includes patented Zero Shock Technology to ease the strain of sudden movements.
  • Drive Harness: This is a crash tested dog harness that also acts as a restraint for maximum safety.

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Does a dog in a seat belt actually help?

Absolutely. These handy accessories are a simple solution for travelling with dogs. Keeping canine passengers restrained allows drivers to better focus on the road and prevents overly excited dogs from entering the front of the vehicle, which can be extremely dangerous. Even if a dog is a relatively calm passenger, it will help to keep them in place so they aren’t thrown by unexpected movements.

What is the best seat belt for a dog?

When safety matters most, we recommend a crash tested solution like the EzyDog Drive Harness. These harnesses have undergone extensive testing and development to be the safest solution for protecting canine passengers in the event of an accident.

What if my dog doesn’t like his dog seat belt?

Being held in place when one is accustomed to having freedom takes some getting used to, whether it’s humans or dogs. Having someone sit with the canine passenger can help immensely, by keeping their mind occupied with pets and other forms of positive reinforcement while they ride. It can also help to crack the car window, so they can smell the breeze. The key is getting them used to sitting in place and getting them to realize they can enjoy the ride from a single position.