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Make training a breeze with simple & effective dog training equipment used by professional dog trainers. Safe & humane training tools to stop pulling, build retention, and teach new tricks.


Make training a breeze with simple & effective dog training equipment used by professional dog trainers. Safe & humane training tools to stop pulling, build retention, and teach new tricks.

Dog Training Equipment

The journey to calmer walks and good behavior begins with having the right dog training tools. At EzyDog, we understand the best training outcome is achieved by establishing a deeper connection with our dogs. EzyDog training gear lays the groundwork for understanding and humane communication with dogs, strengthening the human/canine bond for lasting results.

Whether you’re new to dog training or a seasoned professional, our dog training equipment is here to help!

Best Dog Training Accessories

Training novice? No problem! Our simple to use training tools are intuitively designed with the same high quality for whether you’re new to training or a seasoned professional.

All EzyDog training products are made to support the positive reinforcement approach to dog training, enabling a means of communication with your dog and reward them when they exhibit good behavior. Made durable, secure, and visually appealing – all EzyDog training leashes, martingale collars, and harnesses can be used for everyday occasions as well.

Professional Dog Training Tools

We are proud to offer a full range of training accessories acclaimed by professional dog trainers. The Luca Leash has received numerous awards and praise from dog trainers for its innovation and quality. Our SnakPak Treat Bags are frequently used for training classes as well as dog training competitions. EzyDog also makes several unique training tools you won’t find anywhere else, like the Crosscheck Harness which teaches dogs to stop pulling, and our hands-free Command Clicker.

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Are EzyDog training products safe?

All EzyDog training gear is designed to achieve training results without causing harm to your dog. We pay careful attention to ensuring all of our products are not only durable and reliable, but also humane and safe.

What is the best training method for dogs?

Many veterinarians and professional trainers agree that positive reinforcement training is the best method. This approach revolves around using multiple triggers, such as a check collar and verbal commands, to promote desirable behavior, then rewarding the dog with praise, pets, or treats when they respond correctly.

Is it better to train your dog yourself or use a professional?

An expert dog trainer’s advice and assistance is valuable but it’s a good idea to be present when your dog is being trained. Professional trainers typically have a solid understanding of the challenges of training different breeds as well as how to address various behavioral issues. Remember, your training efforts revolve around your dog listening to you and acting and doing what you want them to, so make sure you are involved in the training process.

Training is also an ongoing continual tool. Even though you have left the training professional for the day, training should be continually applied throughout your daily routine with your dog.

How do you train a dog to swim?

Dogs can learn to swim naturally when exposed to open water, whether it be at a freshwater lake or pool at a dog training facility. Dog life jackets are a great way to get them in the water safely so that they can find their natural swim pattern.


One of the first lessons you will teach your dog is how to walk on a leash. Leash walking is an important skill for all dog owners as it's the foundation for obedience training, whether you have a new puppy or an older dog. While training your dog will take time and patience...