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Adjustable Easy On Dog Harnesses

The number one complaint of harnesses is that they are too difficult to put on and many harnesses can be confusing and downright hard to fit. Many people avoid harnesses for this reason. Here at EzyDog we have made it a priority to design harnesses that are simple to put on and take off.

EzyDog’s collection of easy on harnesses are fast to fit and easy to adjust, with the goal of getting you and your dog out the door and walking as quickly as possible. These products are as simple as a collar, requiring just seconds to put on, yet offer all the control and security benefits of a harness.

Benefits Of an Easy Fit Dog Harnesses

Harnesses that are easy to put on eliminate the difficulty of getting your dog geared up and ready for adventures outside. Their simple design makes them a great choice for longer outings.

In addition to daily walks, some easy on dog harnesses can also be used for training. Here’s a brief description outlining these various options and their benefits:

  • Quick Fit Harness – Our original, easy to put on harness available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Express Harness – A feature rich harness that can be outfitted with custom badges as well as a front leash attachment to control strong pulling dogs.
  • Convert Harness – A robust one click harness that can also be converted into a dog backpack for adventurous dogs.
  • Crosscheck Harness – A figure 8 style harness that’s ideal for dogs that tend to escape from their gear or teaching dogs to walk next to you instead of pulling ahead.

Simple Harness, No Compromise

Just because a dog harness is easy to put on, doesn’t mean it’s sacrificing quality. All EzyDog harnesses are durable and include reflective trim for low-light visibility. This harness collection includes a variety of styles and sizes to fit dogs of all sizes and body types, from the tiny puppies to larger breeds.

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Easy On Dog Harnesses FAQ's

What is a simple dog harness?

A simple dog harness implies that the harness is easy to put on and less bulky. They’re also generally easy to fit because they only require 1-2 points of adjustment. EzyDog offers several easy-to-use harness systems to accommodate all types of dogs and adventures.

What is the easiest dog harness to put on?

The Quick Fit Harness from EzyDog has long been the easiest dog harness to put on and start walking. However other EzyDog harnesses draw inspiration from its over-the-head, single buckle concept such as the Express Harness, Convert Harness, and Crosscheck Harness.

How do you fit easy fit dog harnesses?

It all starts with having the right size. Measuring the circumference of their body at the widest point behind their front legs (also known as their girth) will generally give you an idea of what size they are. Once you have it, adjustment usually can be made in one or two steps depending on the harness style. Be sure to adjust so that your dog has plenty of movement for their front legs and that no straps are putting pressure directly on their neck.

Is it better to use a harness or collar?

In most cases where you’re walking the dog, a harness will be a better option. Harnesses generally offer more control, security, and comfort for the dog, but collars can be a great option for short outings or even training. In many cases, it’s recommended to have a collar on your dog even if you are attaching your leash to their harness for identification purposes in the event that they get lost. Most EzyDog harnesses include an ID tag attachment point so you can get the best of both.