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Buckle Up Your Pup with A Dog Travel Harness

EzyDog is proud to offer a variety of harnesses and accessories made specifically for traveling with canine passengers. Our goal is to ensure a safe and comfortable experience on the road so dogs and their humans can begin enjoying their journey together before they even reach their destination.

Understanding The Different Types of Car Harnesses for Dogs

There are two types of dog harnesses that can be used in vehicles: crash tested harnesses and regular dog harnesses.

Crash tested dog harnesses, such as the Drive Dog Car Harness, are designed and made with the goal of keeping dogs safe during an accident. These harnesses have been procedurally tested and incorporate extra-durable materials to perform under extreme pressure and harsh movements.

Many regular dog harnesses can be used in the vehicle when combined with a car restraint. Harnesses that include chest padding, like the Chest Plate Harness or X-Link Harness, tend to be great options for car travel because of their security and comfort. When a car restraint is utilized with a harness this greatly reduces driver distraction for a safer travel experience

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Dog Travel Harnesses FAQs

Does my dog need a crash tested dog harness?

It’s always a good idea to invest in your pet’s health and safety. EzyDog crash tested harnesses are engineered and rigorously tested to ensure the highest standard of safety possible while still providing a comfortable fit for longer rides. Although not crash tested, dog car restraints can also be a more affordable option to help reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Crash tested vs. not crash tested – what’s the difference?

Crash tested harnesses, such as the Drive Harness from EzyDog, have undergone facilitated testing to conduct research and collect data with the goal of keeping dogs safe in the vehicle during an accident. To learn more about the specific testing process, click here.

Where is the safest place for a dog to ride in the car?

While dogs will often ride in the cargo area of the vehicle, the back passenger seat is generally considered the safest place for canine passengers. EzyDog makes a variety of car restraints designed to keep dogs in the back seat as well as seat covers to protect your vehicle.

Which car restraint should I choose for my dog?
  • Seat Belt Restraint – a simple, affordable, universal option that attaches to the rear passenger seatbelt.
  • Click Adjustable Car Restraint – a popular choice that clicks directly into the seatbelt receiver. The adjustable length can allow you to give your dog more or less freedom as needed.
  • Click Zero Shock Car Restraint – a step above the regular Click, the Click Zero Shock incorporates patented Zero Shock Technology that drastically reduces the strain of sudden movements.
  • Click ISOFIX Car Restraint – The ISOFIX car restraint attaches to the child car seat anchors, commonly found in most vehicles. It’s adjustable, and even comes in a longer length for attaching to the cargo anchors located in the trunk of most SUV’s and crossovers.

A car restraint is not recommended with the use of the Drive Harness as it will negate the crash test strength.