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EzyDog Runners Leash Collection For The Active Dog Owner



The EzyDog Runners Collection provides the perfect pairing for running with your dog. These leashes focus on safety, comfort and ease of use to make for the perfect workout with Zero Shock Technology.

The Road Runner Leash is a hands free leash that can go around your waist over your shoulder or even held in your hand when needed. The sliding side release buckle allows you to alter the length of the leash with ease. The padded neoprene handle also provides padding for your waist or shoulder. This 7-foot leash is easy to strap around your waist and hit the trail without hesitation. Soft Touch Reflective webbing ensures visibility at night. The D-Ring and Barrel Lock are positioned to attach accessories.

The Handy Leash can be worn around the hand like a glove. This give you a hands free experience with the security and stability of a hand held leash. The opening is adjustable for all hand sizes. A heavy duty carabineer is used for extra security. Combine with a Soft Touch or Zero Shock Extension for a full sized leash.

The Runners Collection of dog leashes will become as part of your work out as your headphones or water bottle. Making your dog part of your daily workouts promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog. After all, your dog is the best workout buddy ever!

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