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EzyDog Custom Dog Harnesses

Customizable dog harnesses from EzyDog include options to personalize your dog’s gear. Removable badges can also be added with custom text including their name, contact information, or messages such as “Do Not Pet”. With a variety of colors and sizes available, you can make a one-of-a-kind harness to suit your dog perfectly.

Made with industry-leading strength and comfort, trail tested, and working dog approved.

Choosing The Best Customizable Dog Harness

While most custom dog harnesses can be similar, they have different features and options available. Understanding the differences can help you to decide which one is best-suited for you and your dog.

  • The Express Harness is available in a wide range of standard color options and is adjustable to fit most shapes and breeds of dogs. It’s compatible with custom side badges and has a built-in attachment for custom ID tags, which can allow you to use the harness without a collar. The Express can also be outfitted with the UpFront Leash Attachment for dogs that pull.
  • The Convert Harness is similar to the Express in many ways and can accept all the same accessories with the addition of saddle bags, which allow you to transform it into a dog backpack.

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Custom Harness FAQs

Why do you need a custom dog harness?

Customization adds a personal appearance to your dog’s gear but also can provide additional functionality. Adding custom patches to your dog’s gear gives you the option of including their name and your contact info in case they get lost. These patches can also transform the harness into a working dog harness with messages such as “Rescue Dog” or “Therapy Dog”.

Are EzyDog customizable dog harnesses no pull?

Several EzyDog custom dog harnesses are compatible with the UpFront removable front leash attachment, which can be used to reduce pulling. In most cases, this simple accessory will make for a more enjoyable dog walking experience.

Can you make your own dog harness?

While it may be possible to make your own harness, reliability is also something to consider. EzyDog has put in years of research and R&D to provide durable and comfortable customizable harnesses for dogs.

Can I make my own dog tag?

Yes, with EzyDog customizable dog harnesses, you have the option of adding badges that you can customize and order online. The harnesses also include an attachment-point for ID tags, which are also available to design with your dog’s name and phone number.