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Dog Travel Gear

Destinations reached are memories made. Journey with durable, tested dog travel gear made for adventure. Enjoy safe, comfortable, and worry-free travel with your best friend.


Destinations reached are memories made. Journey with durable, tested dog travel gear made for rugged adventures. Enjoy safe, comfortable, and worry-free travel with your best friend.

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The Ultimate Collection of Dog Travel Accessories

EzyDog dog travel accessories are made tough and purpose built. We’ve compiled years of experience travelling with our pets, discovering the challenges, and making the solutions to allow everyone to bring their best friend along for the ride, no matter the destination.

Embark properly equipped, backed by industry-leading strength and durability.

Dog Car Safety Matters

Our collection of dog travel products is made tough to leave no compromise to safety. By sourcing the best quality materials, our dog car restraints provide a reliable solution to minimizing driver distractions. EzyDog seat covers are comfortable and durable. When a canine passenger’s safety is of concern, look no further than the Drive Dog Car Harness.

Road Trip With Your Dog

Sometimes, just making it to the trailhead is half the battle of enjoying an outing with your dog. It can take time, patience and, most importantly, planning. EzyDog has all the gear you need to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and nourished along the way. Good gear including collapsible dog bowls and travel harnesses, can make all the difference. With the proper equipment, you can transition from quick rides to the local trail to confidently taking your dog on a multi-day road trip to seek new adventures together.

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Should I let my dog stick their head out of the car window?

As fun as it is to watch your dog stick their nose out the window, taking in the smells while their ears flap to the beat of the wind, it’s not safe for them to do so. Sudden movements or debris can cause serious harm. However, if your dog is restrained in the vehicle, you may ride with the windows cracked so they can enjoy some fresh air from a safe distance.

How long can a dog go on a road trip?

Dogs will often times gladly commit themselves to travelling with you as far as you plan to go. You can drive with them to any dog friendly destination, granted you have enough patience. If you decide to bring them along, be prepared to maintain their regular feeding schedule, stop for potty breaks, and make plenty of time to exercise. In most cases, you should plan to stop at least every 30 minutes during the day while they’re awake.

What is the best dog seat belt?

Dog seat belts can often be confused with car restraints, which are designed to keep dogs in place so drivers can focus on the road. A perfect example of this would be the Click Adjustable Car Restraint. If you’re looking for something that provides greater protection for your pet, consider something that’s crash tested, like the Drive Travel Harness.


Road trips are a good time to be had. And, if you have a dog, bringing them along for the ride is non-negotiable. If it is, their puppy eyes watching you go without them will make you think twice...

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