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As a dog owner, there are few things more exciting that putting your puppy in the backseat and taking a road trip across state lines. In fact, even a quick trip to the grocery store or the mall with your dog as a passenger can be a blast.

But unless you properly restrain your dog when you are on the road, you could be putting him or her in serious danger. In reality, dogs should be strapped in at all times when they are riding in cars with their owners.

Of course, a regular seatbelt is designed for human passengers, and won't offer the protection and comfort that your pet needs. Because of this, we have created a new line of EzyDog dog car restraints to keep your puppy safe when you are behind the wheel. Our dog seat belt restraints are crafted with your pet's needs in mind, and will keep him or her happy and healthy as you cruise down the road. More dog car safety products.

Our High-Quality Dog Car Restraints Are Built for Protection and Comfort

We are routinely bombarded with pleas from various organizations asking us to wear our seatbelts when we hop in the car, in order to keep us safe in the event of a crash. And if you love your pooch, you should provide him or her with the same protection and have your furry friend buckle up every time you take a trip in the car.

At EzyDog, our dog seat belt restraints are sturdy and easy to buckle, and will make every car ride with your puppy a pleasant experience. The dog seat belts available from EzyDog are:

  • EASY TO USE – don't worry about fiddling with one of our dog car restraints for hours before you strap your pooch into the backseat. Our restraints are extremely easy to use and will have you on the road in a matter of minutes. 
  • COMFORTABLE – your puppy will barely notice the restraint keeping him or her strapped securely in the car. Don't worry about your pooch squirming about or barking to get loose – our dog car restraints are extremely comfortable and will cause your puppy no harm. 
  • SECURE – while our dog car restraints are comfortable, they provide very little room for your puppy to move about when you are on the road. With one of our dog seat belts, your dog will be securely fastened when you hit the gas. 
  • ADJUSTABLE and perfect for all dogs – whether you have a Great Dane in your backseat or a little Bichon, you can still use one of our dog car restraints to keep him or her safe in the backseat of your car. Plus, our dog car restraints are adjustable as well, providing extra room for growth as your puppy grows up.  

Above all, our restraints are made with high-quality materials that are built to last for as long as you need. Your dog's safety and health is our number one priority, which is why we use only superior materials to craft dog car restraints for the pets in your life.

Pick the Right Dog Car Restraint for Your Needs from EzyDog 

Do you want your puppy strapped tightly into the backseat, with little room to squirm about as you hit the road? Or would you rather give your furry friend a bit of leeway and let him or her pace about in the back?

At EzyDog, we have a restraint available today that is sure to fit all of your needs. Currently, we offer two different types of dog car restraints, allowing you to pick from the following:

  • Seat Belt Restraint – this traditional dog car restraint is meant to keep your pooch strapped in tight wherever you go. This great car restraint attaches simply to any of your car's existing seatbelts, and clips on to your dog's D-ring with ease. Your dog can still sit or lie down comfortably while strapped in securely in the backseat of your car. 
  • CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint – would you rather give your puppy a bit of extra room to roam around in the back seat of your car? If so, consider getting yourself the CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint from EzyDog. This cute dog car restraint clicks into the seatbelt and lets your dog walk about on the attached leash. Let your pup wander about while still providing the safety and security he or she needs.

Don't take another trip in the car without a restraint for your pooch. And for an option that meets your needs, consider a dog seat belt restraint from EzyDog that keeps your pup safe and secure as you roll down the road.

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