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Dog Toys

Fetch and tug at home or take your play to the lake with our durable floating dog toys. Interactive solutions for exercising your best friend and strengthening your bond.


Fetch and tug at home or take your play to the lake with our durable floating dog toys. Interactive solutions for exercising your best friend and strengthening your bond.

Floating Dog Toys

At EzyDog, we recognize that interactive play with your best friend mutually benefits both dogs and humans alike. Quick play sessions make every adventure more fun and memorable. That’s why we’ve designed our toys to be easy to pack while accommodating different playstyles. Perfect for fetch, tug of war, or keep away – whatever your dog is in the mood for.

The highly visible color of our toys makes it easy for humans and dogs to track so they don’t get lost. And don’t worry - they float as well! So if you’re taking your dog to the lake for some playtime or happen to have a wild throw that winds up in the water, the toy will float and the fun can continue!

Made with durable materials, soft construction, and strategic flotation!

Unique Dog Fetch Toys

Fetch is a timeless game that dogs and humans have enjoyed throughout recorded history and beyond. The truth is, a dog will fetch almost anything their human encourages them to chase after. At EzyDog, we’ve avidly pursued solutions that are not only safe for dogs to fetch after, but enhance the experience of the well-known classic.

Our Dogstar Flyer and Fido Flyer are ultra light, so they are easy to carry and descend slowly so they’re also excellent for playing catch with your dog.

Durable, Safe, Dog Tug Toys

Tug of war is a strenuous activity and, for that reason, it’s essential for tug toys to be tough and safe for a dog’s teeth and gums. Our popular Beaver Tail is made from sturdy yet soft materials that can withstand rigorous play. The included grab handle is perfect for maintaining your grip or tossing for retrieval. If floats and comes in two sizes so big dogs and small dogs can join the fun!

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What toys make dogs active?

Toys that promote interactive play between humans and dogs are the best for promoting a healthy active lifestyle. Including yourself in play sessions with your dog creates competition and meaningful mental stimulation that can have a lasting positive effect on their physical wellbeing.

What toys do dogs like the most?

There’s a broad spectrum of types for toys designed specifically for dogs. Some dogs are retrievers, some are tuggers, and others are simply chewers. It’s important to introduce your dog to different styles of toys to learn what suits them the best. EzyDog accommodates all these styles of play. But remember, no dog toy is indestructible and will succumb to chewing – which is why we recommend never leaving a dog unattended with a toy.

How do I teach my dog to fetch and bring back?

The first step is getting your dog to recognize the object as something that’s to be played with. Durable dog toys such as frisbees or balls are great for this. You can start this by presenting the toy to them in a playful manner or by having them chase you while you hold it. Avoid playing “keep away” and be sure to let them have it when they give chase. Eventually they will learn the fetch toy is something they can have fun chasing after and you can start tossing it short distances. When they fetch the item, encourage them to return it by calling and reward them with a treat when they do. Doing this consistently will train your dog to retrieve properly.