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EzyDog Accessories Built Size Appropriate For Medium Dogs

Virtually every product made by EzyDog features a size appropriate version that is perfect for your medium dog. The same engineering and design work that goes into products for average sized dogs will still provide the great features, benefits and ingenuity for your dog, regardless of their size.

From products for great outdoor adventures, such as backpacking with the Summit Backpack or a day at the beach with the Rashie or Doggy Floatation Device, DFD, we’ve got your dog covered. Whether your going to the lake, ocean or the neighborhood pool the EzyDog DFD will provide your dog with ample floatation and the Rashie will provide them the UV Sun protection that they need. EzyDog Jackets are also available for your small dog so they can continue having fun outside regardless of the elements.

EzyDog Harnesses and Collars come in sizes from XXS to XXL in many styles. This ensures that we will have the right size to fit your dog. The webbing width and clip size is taken into consideration so that it will fit your dog properly. It just doesn’t make sense to take a one size fits all approach when it comes to providing a custom fit for your dog. Offering the best fit will give you and your dog the best results when it comes to the functions of EzyDog products.

Leashes from EzyDog are offered in a variety of lengths and widths. We offer a LITE range for small dogs to be sure that they aren’t too bulky or cumbersome on daily walks. Short leashes are featured to be sure that large dogs are able to stay close and under control. This just wouldn’t make a great walking experience for a medium sized dog, so it is important to choose the leash that is most appropriate for your dog.

We hope that EzyDog will provide the best fitting gear for your dog, no matter their size and shape. We are confident that you will find the gear that both you and your dog love no matter their breed.

Medium Dog Accessories: