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Backpacks for Your Dog from EzyDog

On a long hike or a day-long walk through town, it is important that you bring a backpack to carry all of the supplies you may need. A sturdy backpack can carry an extra jacket, a few water bottles, and other essentials to keep you comfortable and safe, wherever you choose to go.

But what about supplies for your puppy? What should you do if your personal backpack isn't big enough to store supplies for both you and your furry friend? Don't leave home without everything you need – instead, try out one of the durable and stylish dog backpacks from EzyDog the next time you leave the house with your pup. These canine carriers will secure quickly and easily to the back of your dog, allowing him or her to carry everything necessary for even the longest trips away from home.

EzyDog Dog Backpacks Provide You with Everything You Need

At EzyDog, we have crafted different backpacks for dogs with the needs of you and your dog in mind. Pick from one of the two dog packs we offer, depending on your individual desires. You can choose between either the:

  • SUMMIT BACKPACK – a comfortable and stylish dog backpack from EzyDog that will carry everything your pup needs. This backpack has an extra pouch to carry a spare leash, and has a built-in handle for quick control of your puppy. This pack also comes with a built-in harness, and is made with reflective and waterproof material to ensure safety and comfort no matter where you choose to go; or 
  • CONVERT SADDLE BAGS – if you already have the Convert Harness from EzyDog, you can create a quick and versatile dog backpack with the Convert Saddle Bag pack set. This set comes with two different saddle bags that can hang on your dog's side on a walk through the mountains. They are fully removable, and are quick and easy to detach whenever you need. These two saddle bags can hold virtually anything you could need on a walk with your puppy.  

These two great backpacks for dogs from EzyDog are the perfect addition for any active dog owner and his or her pup.

High-Quality Dog Backpacks Built with Your Needs in Mind

When we look for personal backpacks, we often scrutinize each option, looking for a bag made from the highest quality material that will suit our individual styles. And because we love our dogs dearly, we should only search for dog backpacks with their best interests in mind, and look for something durable, safe, and extremely comfortable.

At EzyDog, we want to provide your pup with a pack he will barely notice, yet that will ensure his safety both night and day. Both of the dog bags we offer are:

  • Comfortable – an uncomfortable dog backpack can quickly ruin an otherwise exciting and fun hike in the mountains. Both of our dog packs are extremely comfortable and won't irritate your pet's fur or skin. 
  • Reflective – day or night, our dog backpacks will provide an added sense of security with the useful reflective material. This reflective material helps others see you and your puppy when the sun goes down. 
  • Made of ripstop material – a large tear in a quality product can ruin a whole trip. Even the best dog bags will spill their contents after a gentle tear begins on the side. With one of the EzyDog dog backpacks, however, there is no need to worry about losing your gear; our dog bags are both made with ripstop material that resists tears and keeps your puppy's supplies safe. 
  • Secure – are you worried about your pooch losing his or her treats on the side of the trail? Set your concerns aside – both of our dog backpacks are extremely secure, and will protect your dog's essentials throughout the entire trip outdoors. 
  • Stylish – regardless of function, a dog bag should still be stylish and keep your puppy looking good. Our dog packs are designed with your dog's function and fashion in mind, and are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any walk in the park.  

A Dog Backpack for Every Occasion

Do you need to carry dog supplies for a hike up in the mountains near your home? Or are you looking for something to carry a few treats and a spare leash for a quick trip into town?

If you need an extra place to carry your essentials when you leave home with your pup, a dog backpack from EzyDog is the right choice for you. Our excellent dog packs often comfort and convenience and can carry everything that your puppy needs.

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