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The Next Generation Of Shock Absorbing Dog Leashes


riding a bike with a Zero Shock LeashThe Zero Shock Leash range was developed by building on the ingenuity of the Classic EzyDog Leashes, but with a softer and more mass appeal. The function all starts with the Zero Shock Technology. This is a technology that greatly reduces the impact and strain from the pulls of a dog. Accept no substitutions when it comes to dog leash shock absorbers. As part of our extensive research and development, each leash undergoes months of rigorous testing and is made from the highest grade raw materials. The longevity of the EzyDog Zero Shock Technology is unsurpassed.

Neoprene, wet suit rubber, is used in many of the Zero Shock Leash handles for comfort and durability. Neoprene is a resilient and a non-porous material, meaning it does not absorb, so it stays cleaner longer. We also use our own proprietary Soft Touch Webbing that has an amazing feel and strength. The touch to the webbing is simply amazing. Zero Shock Leashes showcase various features depending on the style. From running hands-free or over the shoulder leashes to Lite versions for smaller dogs and traffic control handles for added safety, Zero Shock Leashes are built for control, comfort and safety. You will not be disappointed when you select any leash from the Zero Shock family of leashes.

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