Handy™ Leash

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Handy Leash 48" - Black
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Fits Like A Glove

Go completely hands free with the EzyDog Handy Leash. Worn like a glove and adjusts to all hand sizes 

Product Information


  • Length: 15" 
  • Large carabiner connection point.
  • Worn around the hand and fits any hand size
  • Reflective trim for night walks  
  • Made from EzyDog Soft Touch™ Webbing and a neoprene lined handle
  • D-Ring for accessory attachment 



  • Adjustable in length (36" - 48")
  • Shock absorbing section  
  • Worn around the hand and fits any hand size
  • Reflective trim for night walks 
  • Made from EzyDog Soft Touch™ Webbing and a neoprene lined handle
  • D-Ring for accessory attachment


Handy Leash Diagram


Hands-Free Dog Lead

The EzyDog Handy Leash fits around the hand for hands-free walking. Fully adjustable, the glove section opens out to fit any size hand.

Dog Fitness Accessory

Part of our Runner's Collection, the Handy Lead has been designed to help us all live an active life with our furry friends. Perfect when running or jogging with your dog.

We think that our dogs are the best workout buddies ever so we want to design products that make it as easy as possible to stay active with our pooches.   

The hand section is made from soft neoprene (as used in wetsuits) and like any good running accessory is reflective for night time safety. The heavy duty carabiner is large enough to fit any existing leash and is load tested to 500kg for extra peace of mind. We finish the lead with an accessory D-ring - as we know you don't want your pockets full when out on a run!  

9 Reviews

  • 5
    EZDog Leash

    Posted by Cathy Lehman on 14th Apr 2019

    I do not have pets. I bought 2 of the same leash for my 94 yr old Dad who walks a 15lb jack russell terrier who is strong enough to bruise is hand that is holding the leash. I wanted him to have some padding/protection. He likes it. Since his dr. says he is going to live to 110, I bought two. :--)

  • 5
    Handy Leash

    Posted by Judy on 6th Mar 2019

    I really do like this leash. It is comfortable on my hand and it can be adjusted for hand size easily. I would prefer more colors (more girly ones).

  • 3
    Handy Leash - shorter one

    Posted by Stacey on 2nd Mar 2019

    Interesting idea, but the short leash really needs a swivel at the end, otherwise it really doesn’t work without the extender. And since we bought it specifically for the short length, it just hasn’t worked out for us. The only other comment we have is that the hand part of the leash is great for small hands like mine, but my husband found it very uncomfortable, especially with his winter gloves on. Maybe it needs to come in multiple sizes?

    EzyDog says:
    Hi Stacey - We're sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the 15" leash. Based on your feedback, we may have other options that are better-suited for you and your husband. Please feel free to contact us, 877-3EZYDOG or info@ezydog.com

  • 4
    Handy leash

    Posted by Rose on 17th Jan 2018

    I walk 2 dogs 65 lbs each, this fits my needs vs handling their tractable leashes, easy on my hands and I feel it’s very secure . I like that it tightens and a slight release on my hands but it doesn’t fall off.

  • 5
    Handy Leash

    Posted by Alyssa on 26th Dec 2017

    This leash is great! I have 3 dogs and it's always a handful to walk more than one at a time. This leash works great for one or more and it allows me to still have a hand to do other things-whether it's holding a coffee or even just signing a receipt at the vet's office. I'm a small woman - 5' 2" and my hands are small too but I haven't had any issues with it slipping off. Overall I love it!

  • 5
    Great for clicker training and for hurt human 'paws'

    Posted by Skye on 19th Nov 2017

    I am a dog trainer and this is excellent for freeing up my client's hand so they can use the clicker. Also, I had fallen and hurt my wrist so it didn't bend for several weeks - this was totally astounding in its ability to still allow me to walk my dog!

  • 5
    Handy leash

    Posted by Karen on 16th Sep 2017

    Works very well. I have to use a scooter to get around due to back pain. This allows me to keep both my hands on the controls and still maintain my service dog. You should really market this to the service dog community it is a very large group and this is a very handy product.

  • 2
    Size doesn't fit small hands

    Posted by AJ on 29th Oct 2015

    I don't like the Handy Leash and will be returning it. I have smaller hands and it's too loose and can fall off if I don't pay attention to it. Nice product idea but either needs to come in sizes or have a strap to secure it. It doesn't work for me.

    EzyDog Says: Thank you for your review. We are sorry that the product did not work for you. Feel free to return it at your convenience. Thank you.

  • 5
    great when there are many things to carry

    Posted by Laurel on 8th Jul 2015

    My dog goes to work with me. It find this handy leash to be the solution to carrying items in both hands while keeping the dog close to me. It works great for walks and jogs around the park too. Now I can carry my coffee cup in the same hand as the dog lead!! Problem solved.