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Dog Training Harnesses From EzyDog

When it comes to training dogs, the right tools can make all the difference. EzyDog’s collection of dog training harnesses are made to be safe, simple, and effective solutions to motivate dogs to desirable behavior.

Stop Pulling With A No Pull Dog Harness

Training harnesses for dogs are designed to promote good leash behavior by reducing the dog’s ability to pull or by providing a trigger for positive reinforcement training. Understanding which no pull dog harness is right for your dog will vary. Here’s a brief overview of the different training harnesses offered by EzyDog:

  • Crosscheck Harness is a unique figure-8 harness with similar functionality to a martingale collar but, instead of cinching around the neck, it cinches around the girth of the dog's body. This ingeniously designed harness is limited-slip, meaning it won’t cause any harm to the dog but will still generate a recognizable sensation that can be reinforced with verbal cues and treats for amazing results.
  • X-Link Harness comes with a built-in front leash attachment that can be used to reduce a dog's ability to pull.
  • Express Harness and Convert Harnesses are simple, everyday walking harnesses that are compatible with an optional UpFront Attachment as well as customizable side badges which can provide useful messages such as "In Training" or "Ask To Pet".
  • Chest Plate Harness is an excellent choice for gaining control over large dogs that pull, especially when combined with a shorter lead such as the Zero Shock Leash in 25" length.

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Dog Training Harnesses FAQs

What kind of dog needs a training harness?

Canines that pull or frequently ignore calls while on the leash are ideal candidates for dog training harnesses. In general, a harness provides more security and control than a collar, but specific types of harnesses can also teach them to stop pulling altogether.

What is a no pull dog harness?

No pull harness is a term used to describe dog harnesses that reduce their ability to pull while walking on a leash. Most commonly, no pull harnesses are designed with a leash attachment on the front instead of on the back, although many will include both to give the walker more options.

What age should you start harness training?

As soon as possible! A common belief is that many dogs pull because they begin their early years walking with a collar, which gives them more leverage over the leash. EzyDog makes a variety of training harnesses sized to fit puppies so you can start training them right away.