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GO2 Multi-Color Dog Light


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Your GO2 Dog Light

Whether it's a hike, run, cycle or your everyday walk, the EzyDog Go2 Dog Light will lead the way in low light conditions. Built to enhance the safety of any outdoor adventure, the casing is waterproof to a depth of 1m and the ultra-bright LED beacon is visible over 500m away. The durability of the impact-resistant casing and the convenience of the USB rechargeable battery will ensure your GO2 Light never lets you down.

Change between 4 different colors and 3 different modes of operation, all with a single button.


  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof & Drop Resistant
  • 4 bright color modes (blue, green, red, white)
  • 3 light settings - solid light, slow flash, fast flash
  • 5 Hour Runtime (solid light - longer for flashing modes)
  • 500m Visibility
  • Compatible with most harnesses, collars, life jackets, and leashes
diagram showing the features of the EzyDog GO2 Light



  • Multicolor LED light
  • USB cable
  • Reinforced plastic clip
  • Hook and loop strap

All In One Dog Harness Light And Dog Collar Light

The GO2 Dog Light includes accessories that allow you to attach it to your dogs favorite gear. The reinforced plastic clip and hook and loop strap are designed to securely attach it to their harness or collar. Since the GO2 Light is waterproof, it can also safely be attached to a dog life jacket.

Some EzyDog Products, such as the X-Link Harness and DFD X2 Life Jacket, include an attachment point designed specifically for the GO2 Light.

image showing light attached to a harness, collar, and life jacket

An Adventure Dog Light

At EzyDog, we strive to enable our dogs to join in our adventures. The GO2 Dog Light is made for the early risers who can't wait for the daylight to start exploring, and for the days on the trails when the sun begins to dip behind the mountains before you make it back to the trailhead.

Don’t let adverse weather or darker conditions hold back your next adventure with your dog. Go explore with the GO2 Multi Dog Light.

A Dogs LED Beacon

Safety matters and visibility is key when embarking on an outing with your best friend. A dogs LED makes spotting them easier during early morning or evening walks. When strolling the sidewalks, it will make vehicles and other pedestrians more aware of your presence. When exploring trails, the GO2 Multi Dog Light can help you to keep track of your dog whether they're on leash or off.


  • Light dimensions: 35mm x 35mm x 25mm
  • Clip width: 30mm
  • Strap Dimensions: 140mm x 20mm

The plastic clip is best suited for 19mm-30mm webbing. For webbing less than 19mm, the light must be placed on a thicker section of the product to avoid movement. Anything larger than 30mm, the Velcro strap is recommended.

illustration showing the measurements of the EzyDog GO2 Light

GO2 Multi Dog Light Instructions:

    • Long press - 2 Seconds
      • Power ON / Power OFF
      • Light retains last function used
    • Change Mode - Single Press
      • Constant light
      • Slow flash
      • Fast flash
    • Change Colour - Double Press Top Button

    • Twist light section anti-clockwise to reveal micro-USB charging port
    • Use USB cable to connect to any standard USB-A port

    animation showing charge location of the EzyDog GO2 Light


Ensure charging port is clean and dry before charging.

Set the light mode prior to exposure to water. Do not change light modes when exposed to water.

Only use the charging cable provided.