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EzyDog Car Restraints For Medium Dogs

EzyDog car restraints are easy to use and helpful to keep your dog from wondering around the vehicle causing distractions to you and your passengers. These distractions can be a danger to you and other drivers, so it is very important to restrain your dog while driving in a vehicle.

The car seatbelt restraints offered by EzyDog are comfortable, secure and simple to use. We feel that these factors are very important to be certain that they can be used to restrain your furry friend every time you are in the car.

The Click Adjustable Car Restraint clicks directly into your car’s seatbelt receiver. It is adjustable from 17.5 – 26 inches which makes it the length you need for your small or large dog. This product works best when paired with a harness. We do not recommend the use of seatbelt restraints with collars and it is compatible with all EzyDog Harnesses.

The easy to use EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint is another option for travelling with your dog. It comes free with every Chest Plate Harness or it can be purchased individually as well. The Chest Plate Harness fits dogs from XS – 2XL, so we have a size to fit your medium, large or small dog. To use this car restraint, just feed the seatbelt through the loop of the restraint and click the seatbelt into place. You can pull slack on the seatbelt to comfortably position your dog then release. The EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint is compatible with all EzyDog Harnesses.

Whether you are going on a cross country road trip or just driving to the local dog park or vet, it is very important to focus on your pet’s safety. While using a vehicle restraint for your dog is becoming law in several states, we here at EzyDog try to make this process as fuss free as possible with two simple to use options.

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