Safety Tested Vehicle Harness

After years of offering our top selling Chest Plate Harness with a Seat Belt Restraint, as well as the Click Seat Belt Restraint, which are excellent remedies for driver distraction, our team wanted to offer a simple to use crash tested car harness.

The key factors of this harness would be both pet and personal safety, a simple fitting process to ensure use for every ride and comfort for the dog while on car trips.

While safety testing and standards continue to emerge in the pet industry, our developers wanted to offer a product that was tested to the most widely recognized government safety standards. With product development primarily in Australia, we turned to the experts at the Automotive Safety Engineering in Australia. This particular testing facility is recognized by the USA (FMVSS 213) Europe (ECE Regulation 16) Australia (ADR42/04) for certification of Child Safety Seats.

The Results

Below are the test results in which EzyDog passed and was certified.

Test Small Harness (28lb/12.5kg dog)

Test Medium Harness (50lb/22.5kg dog)

Test Large Harness (75lb/34kg dog)



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