Choosing the Right Dog Harness

Choosing the Right Dog Harness

12th Apr 2023

At EzyDog, our goal is to provide the gear to help us all live an active outdoor lifestyle with our dogs. Getting our best friends suited up in a harness generally shows immediate benefits. For that reason, dog harnesses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for everyday adventures.

In general, attaching a leash to a harness will produce a more enjoyable and controlled walking experience than a traditional collar. Harnesses inherently offer more control when walking a dog and can even be a more comfortable fit than a collar when fitted properly, especially for breeds with shorter necks.

But there’s so many to choose from! Knowing which harness is best for your dog is the key to success. The right choice will ultimately come down to the goal you’re trying to achieve with the harness, your dog’s breed and temperament, as well as the types of adventures you plan to use the harness for.

Here’s a breakdown of the harnesses EzyDog makes:

Quick Fit Harness

Activity: Everyday walks

Type: Over-the-head

Best for: Small to large breeds requiring additional control and security

Claim to fame: As easy as a collar!

The Quick Fit Harness is the go-to harness for grab-and-go dog walking, requiring only a single buckle to put on. Neoprene padding is added for long-term comfort and wicking away the smell that occurs when dogs get wet. It also features an ID tag attachment point to be used as a replacement for a collar altogether. Plus, it’s available in a ton of colors and styles, including denim and corduroy.

Crosscheck Harness

Activity: Training dogs to stop pulling

Type: Over-the-head

Best for: Small to large breeds, especially pullers

Claim to fame: The revolutionary dog training harness

The Crosscheck is an extremely simple figure-8 style harness with a unique girth-checking feature that trains dogs to stop pulling altogether. In fact, it may just be the simplest dog harness ever, having a one-buckle system like the Quick Fit but fitted using only a single adjustment point. Whether you’re looking to stop pulling, or need a harness that’s easy to put on, the Crosscheck has you covered.

Express Harness

Activity: Everyday walks, control, and sending a message

Type: Over-the-head

Best for: Small to large breeds or service animals for everyday walks or training

Claim to fame: A customizable jack of all trades

The Express Harness allows your dog to “express” themselves by putting customization at the forefront. Much like the Quick Fit, it features a single-buckle design and ID attach point. What sets the Express apart from the Quick Fit is its compatibility with custom side badges and the UpFront Leash Attachment, which can be added to reduce the dog’s ability to pull when they take the lead. What’s more, is that the Express also features EVA padding and a grab handle to keep them close when needed.

Chest Plate Harness

Activity: Everyday walks, control, and security

Type: Step-through

Best for: Tiny to large breeds, especially escape artists

Claim to fame: Forms to the dog for a custom fit

The Chest Plate is the very first harness EzyDog introduced. Setting itself apart from traditional step-through-style harnesses, the Chest Plate only requires fastening around one leg instead of two – eliminating the most common challenge of harnesses of this nature. The true heart of this harness lies in the EVA chest pad, which conforms to the dog’s chest and retains its shape for maximum comfort and security. The Chest Plate is also extremely adjustable and capable of fitting dogs of all sizes or even small dogs that are growing.

X-Link Harness

Activity: Everyday walks, control, and security

Type: Over-the-head

Best for: Active dogs and breeds with deeper chests, especially those with pulling tendencies

Claim to fame: The go-to for adventures and strong pullers

The X-Link has set itself apart from other harnesses with a radically unique and highly-functional design befit to adventure and active lifestyles. It features a front and rear leash attachment for allowing your dog to take lead on the trails or reduce pulling as needed. It also incorporates our patented Zero Shock Technology into the straps—just enough to ease the strain.

Convert Harness 

Activity: Everyday walks, control, and sending a message

Type: Over-the-head

Best for: Small to very large breeds, especially service animals

Claim to fame: The original customizable dog harness

The Convert is similar in principle to the Express Harness but has a few unique features of its own. Like the Express, it has its own unique grab handle and is compatible with custom side badges. However, the grab handle on the Convert features a magnetic locking system and the Velcro space for the side badges can also be used to attach Saddle Bags that transform it into a dog backpack.

Drive Harness 

Activity: Travel

Type: Step-through

Best for: Medium to large breeds where safety is a concern while driving

Claim to fame: The crash-tested seatbelt for dogs

The Drive Harness is crash-tested and made specifically travel in an automobile. It is rigidly constructed out of extra-thick EVA padding and genuine seatbelt webbing to leave no compromise on safety. The assist handles on the back integrate directly with the vehicle’s seatbelt strap, so there is no requirement for a car restraint for it to be used. When a dog is wearing this harness, there’s really nothing else you need to ensure a secure and comfortable experience traveling with them in the back seat, other than maybe a seat cover and a travel bowl.

Our dogs are unique, and so are we and the experiences we share with them. Finding the harness that is the right fit for your dog (and you) can make the time you spend with them even more memorable. The value a harness can lead you to new levels of adventure together, bonding, as you turn those trails and pathways explored into lasting memories.


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