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Mongrel™ Extensions

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Black - EzyDog Mongrel Extensions
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Freedom & Versatility with EzyDog Leash Extensions

Add EzyDog's original shock absorbing technology to any leash or dog lead. The additional 24 inches of freedom brings tons of versatility to your short and in control dog leash. Clip on two dog leash extensions for multi dog control.

Product Information

  • 24 inch Shock Absorbing leash extension
  • Add multiple extensions for dual dog lead versatility
  • Tangle-free lead design
  • Lots of flexibility and movement
  • Excellent for transitioning from fun in the park to training your dog
  • Colors: Black


mongrel extension diagram

Now Go and Play!

Add Two For a Dual Dog Lead

Who says walking two dogs at once is twice the hassle? With a smart, tangle-free leash extension, it can be twice the fun! No matter what adventure you are on, whether it's a calm walk along the beach or an exciting race, you can take both dogs along with a dual dog lead. Swivel rings allow for flexibility and movement to keep your dogs from getting tangled up, and the comfortable handle of the Mongrel leash makes it easy for your hands to handle the strain of two dogs pulling at the leash.

If you need to add some length to the short Mongrel dog leash, clip on a Mongrel leash extension to give you and your dog a bit more freedom. With an amazing shock absorbing section and strong, dependable material used in the cord, the clips, and the rings, this is a leash you can count on to be up for any challenge. Don't forget to add a unique dog collar, durable dog harness, or even a dog leash coupler directly from EzyDog!

Leash Extensions Can Help With Training

One of the main purposes of the our versatile short dog leashes is for training. At first it is helpful to keep your dog close by your side as you begin teaching them. But as you make progress, you will need to add some length to the leash. The extension gives you options by making it easy to switch back and forth between a short leash and a long leash. This definitely comes in handy with training! Use with a Mongrel dog leash for added length and shock absorbing technology! Use with the Mongrel dog leash for 2 leashes in one, either a full 36 in. leash or a shorter 12 in. leash, all in one easy step!

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Much better than regular extensions

    Posted by Robin Borden on 9th Feb 2021

    Love these far sturdier extensions than the regular version. Also love the slight elasticity that helps provide a gentler sudden stop vs. a sharp choking halt. Happy to use the extensions with my 2nd Mongrel leash after two years of heavy use managing two very strong Frenchies.

  • 5
    Something every owner of a large dog should have

    Posted by Craig Aldridge on 26th Mar 2013

    The mongrel system allows me to place my lab on just a handle, a 4 foot lead, a 2 foot lead, or to connect the handle directly to her harness. Allows me to control her in many situations.

  • 5
    Mongrel extension great add-on for leashes

    Posted by Unspecified on 12th Jan 2013

    Mongrel Extension- have 2Siberian Huskies. Use these extensions added to their leashes. They are excellent for controlling pulling. The extension is extremely strong, has a bungee flex which helps control a dogs pull. Bwould recommend this extension to anyone with a dog!!!!!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Sarah on 10th Jul 2012

    I have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and together they definitely out weigh me. I bought this leash 5 years ago and have used it every day since. I have one mongrel lead with two extensions. I am ordering replacement extensions today, because I lost one of them when we were hiking. It must have fallen out of my pack. This is a great product and it really lasts!

  • 3
    Love the leash system,disappointed will the durability

    Posted by Steph on 27th Jun 2012

    We bought the mongrel handle and one bungee extension for each of our dogs. Neither of them really pull but it's nice to have in case u r caught off guard. Disappointed that the white bungee material frayed on one of the extensions, making it look like a leash with "tentacles" as we walk our dogs. EzyDog - Hi Steph - please feel free to email us a picture of the frayed extensions. We would be happy to assist.

  • 2
    would give it 5, but....

    Posted by kelly on 13th May 2012

    ...the loop around the clip broke after only 2 weeks and my lab wasn't even pulling hard. If it hadn't broken this would be the best leash ever. Hopefully the store will replace it, but I can't find my receipt. ______FROM EZYDOG______ Hi Kelly - this is not typical and is covered under warranty. Please contact us by email if your situation has not been resolved.

  • 5

    Posted by Shannon Smith on 26th Aug 2011

    I love it. I have an 80lb pit bull that would rip your arm off, not with the mongrel and extension. I got it at the dog fair in our home town of Spokane, WA.

  • 5
    Fun on the run

    Posted by Cat Bane on 23rd Aug 2011

    I have started riding my bicycle with my dogs along side. The ezydog products caught my eye at the local pet store for their quality, durability and good looks, too! The Mongrel extension is perfect for my needs. I attach it to my rear bike rack with a carabineer and away we go! It keeps my doggies near enough that I can control them and far enough away from the bikes moving parts. The spring action is the perfect shock absorber! Thanks to you our rides are much more fun! We look forward to trying your other products. My only regret is not finding you sooner..

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