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Our award-winning leash systems establish a physical connection between humans and dogs, allowing them to join in our human adventures like never before. Find your perfect leash for the journey ahead and embark with confidence.


EzyDog leashes are uniquely designed to elevate the outdoor experiences we share with our canines. With numerous styles presenting a range of premium features; all of our products are sturdy, reliable, easy to use, and offer protection and safety for dogs of all sizes.

EzyDog Leashes Features

  • ADJUSTABLE – we know that one size doesn't always fit all, which is why we offer dog leashes that are adjustable to the length that you desire. Give or take a few inches with one of our leashes, depending on your individual needs.
  • COMFORTABLE – say goodbye to painful pulling with a dog leash from EzyDog. We believe that walking your dog should be pleasant and comfortable, and our leashes reflect this idea.
  • WATERPROOF – don't let a trip to the lake leave you with a wet and moldy leash. The dog leashes we provide are waterproof and designed specifically for active pups that don't mind splashing and swimming.
  • COLORFUL AND STYLISH – to many dog owners, canine style is extremely important. As such, we designed all of our dog leashes to help your puppy gather glances of envy from the other canines in the park.
  • BUILT TO ABSORB SHOCK – never suffer a strained shoulder again with one of the dog leashes from EzyDog. Our leashes are all crafted with our patented Zero Shock Technology, which allows the leashes to stretch and ease the pressure for both the owner and his or her dog.

Types of Dog Leashes

At EzyDog, we have a variety of dog leashes that will fit the needs of both you and your puppy. Whether you plan on going on a run through town or a walk to the store, we have a running dog leash or zero shock leash for your pup.

Which dog leash is right for you and your furry friend? At EzyDog, you can choose between the:

  • Zero Shock Leash, this great leash stretches and eases pressure on you and your dog, and is perfect for routine trips out of the house. This leash is made from only the highest quality materials, and is crafted to ensure ultimate control, comfort, and protection of you and your pooch;
  • Road Runner Leash Never worry about your dog pulling you out of stride with this wonderful new running leash. This hands-free leash clips around your waist, leaving you to focus on your running with your puppy by your side. And with this running leash you can feel comfortable going for a run day or night, as it comes with a reflective surface to keep you safe at any time;
  • Trainer Leash, are you working with a brand new puppy or maybe rehabilitating and introducing boundaries to a much loved four legged friend in need of training? EzyDog training leashes in the Soft Touch Series and Multi-Function dog leashes are perfect for any size dog;
  • Lite Leash, perfect for small dogs full of energy. Tough enough to withstand the day-to-day and fashionable and functional enough to go where you go. All the function of our performance leashes, but built for smaller dogs.
  • Zero Shock Couplers, do you have more than one pooch to walk at a time? The Zero Shock Coupler dog leash from EzyDog lets you walk two dogs at once using our patented Zero-Shock Technology.
  • Luca Leash is a rope leash and collar combination. The rope offers maximum strength and control for walking, exercising or training. Quick slip lead - perfect for a trip to the dog park.
  • Multi-Function - a multi-function dog leash helps you keep control over your dog like leash shortening, traffic control and hands-free. This is our top pick if you need a versatile leash for daily walks and other activities.
  • Zero Shock Couplers, do you have more than one four-legged friend to walk at a time? The Zero Shock Coupler dog leash from EzyDog lets you walk two dogs at once using our patented Zero-Shock Technology.
  • Oxford Leather is heavy duty, long-lasting leather leash made from natural leather for style and function.

And of course, if your dog likes a bit more space to roam on the leash, consider picking up the Zero Shock Extensions, a leash extension that adds some extra room on top of any of our other leashes.

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Leash FAQs

What leash is best for my dog?

The best leash for your dog will depend on several factors, including your dog's size, breed, and temperament, as well as your own personal preferences and needs.

Here are some common types of leashes and their features:

  • Standard leash: A standard leash is usually made of nylon or leather and leash length ranges from 4 to 8 feet. This type of leash is versatile and can be used for most dogs and situations.
  • Hands-free leash: A hands-free leash allows you to walk or run with your dog without having to hold onto a leash. This type of leash is ideal for jogging or hiking with your dog.
  • Shock absorbing leash: A shock-absorbing leash reduces the impact of sudden pulls or jerks on both the dog and the person holding the leash, preventing serious injury.
  • Dog training leash: Dog training leashes are designed to provide comfort, control, and effective communication between the owner and the dog during training sessions.
Should my dog be on a leash?

In most places, leash law requires you have your dog on a leash in public areas for safety reasons unless in a designated off-leash area.

It is generally a good idea to keep your dog on a leash to prevent them from running off or getting into dangerous situations.

Why are retractable leashes bad?
Retractable leashes can damage your dog's neck and throat. They're also not the best option for dogs who have not been trained to walk properly on a regular leash. Check out the Vario 4 Leash as a great multi-length safer leash option.

Making the Connection - Finding The Right Leash For Your Dog

Why Should You Get a Dog Leash from EzyDog?
The next time you walk your pooch to the park, look around at all of the different dogs and their owners. You will most likely see a variety of different breeds and personalities; similarly, you will inevitably witness a host of different types of dog leashes, as well.