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​Making the connection: Finding the right leash for your dog

​Making the connection: Finding the right leash for your dog

5th May 2023

If you have a dog, chances are, you own a leash. It’s an essential item for getting outdoors with our best friends and often we can develop an attachment to the gear we choose because of the experiences we have while using them. Trails explored, mountains summited, a stroll around the neighborhood park conquered. But what if those excursions and daily ventures could be better?

Pause for a moment and think about it.

The relationship you and your dog have is one of a kind. The things you do, the moments you share, and the adventures you seek are entirely unique. Because of this, the gear you choose for your dog should reflect those experiences and vision.

At EzyDog, we strive to make connections that speak to all the unique experiences humans share with dogs. We want every human and their canines to live each moment to the absolute fullest and embark on journeys they never could have imagined confidently safe, secure, and comfortable.

Here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of leashes so you can make the best decision in determining the leash that’s right for you:

Zero Shock Leashes

Activity: The go-to everyday leash

Best for: Small to large breeds requiring additional control and comfort

Claim to fame: The “I had no idea a leash could make this much difference” Leash

The heart of the Zero Shock Leash collection is the patented Zero Shock Technology. This shock-absorbing component allows a nominal amount of give to the leash when pressure is applied, resulting in reduced strain on both ends of the leash. The Zero Shock Leash is an overall improvement when compared to a standard dog leash by making any outing more comfortable. It can be great when exercising strong-pulling and energetic dogs that make sudden movements, especially for humans that have arthritis or are recovering from injuries. Plus, they’re available in a variety of lengths, configurations, and colors!

Classic Leashes

Activity: Adding comfort and control to a hard pulling dog.

Best for: Medium to large breeds, especially hard pullers

Claim to fame: The Original Shock Absorbing Leash

The ‘Classic’ collection encompasses the original leash systems EzyDog released back in 1995 and reflects the company’s strong roots in watersports, utilizing performance materials that are both light weight and durable. These pyramid-handle leashes are configurable and include optional extensions that can be added for additional length or walking multiple dogs. These leashes have withstood the test of time and continue to be a popular choice for pet parents who need a more positive grip on their leash. Combine with a Chest Plate Harness for the ultimate walking experience.

Runners Collection

Activity: Running, walking, pushing a stroller or needing an extra hand

Best for: Small to large breeds

Claim to fame: An enhanced handsfree dog walking experience

The Runners Collection is a selection of leashes that are ideal for anyone who’s even ran with (or dreams of running with) dogs. These include a variety of hands-free options to free the runner’s hands form having to hold the leash. Some, such as the Road Runner Leash or Handy 48” Leash incorporate the Zero Shock leash bungee to drastically reduce the static jolt that occurs in other leashes. Whether used when running, walking, or pushing a stroller these handsfree leashes give you that extra hand you need. As with a reliable car, this collection is rigorously tested and made to endure the wear, tear, and miles the most active humans enjoy with their dogs.

Soft Touch Leashes

Activity: Everyday walks, control, and security

Best for: All breeds

Claim to fame: Soft to touch and easy to use

Soft Touch leashes are made from a proprietary blend of webbing called “Soft Touch Nylon”, which is soft to the touch but capable of withstanding more than 2500 lbs of pull. As with the Zero Shock Leash, these leashes include a soft neoprene-padded handle and are perfect for anyone seeking a more comfortable experience walking their dog. As with the Soft Trainer Leash, these can be perfect for teaching your dog to walk on a leash. This collection also includes a variety of extensions and couplers for walking two dogs at the same time.

Multi-Function Dog Leashes

Activity: Everyday walks and training

Best for: Dogs in training or replacing an unsafe retractable leash

Claim to fame: One leash, many possibilities

The Multi-Function leash collection includes cleverly designed systems that can be used in a variety of ways, with the goal of providing unparalleled value to everyday life with dogs. These include our Vario 4 and Vario 6 leashes which are able to change lengths on the fly in order to adapt to the various situations that commonly occur when enjoying the outdoors with your dog. They can even be used as a temporary tether when necessary or configured to attach to multiple dogs.

The Vario 6 can be a perfect choice when using a harness that has both a front and rear leash attachment, such as the X-Link or Express Harness. It includes two snap-clips, so you can utilize both the front and rear harness attachments simultaneously for even more control.

Lite Leashes

Activity: Everyday walks for enhanced comfort and control

Best for: Tiny to small breeds

Claim to fame: Designed specially for dogs under 26lbs.

EzyDog’s Lite Leash Collection is all about the little dogs weighing less than 26 lbs. These include slimmed-down versions of our post popular leash options to be less cumbersome and more accommodating to small dog breeds. We maintain a strict “no-dog-left-behind” policy and want to be sure our smallest furry friends are not exempt from any adventures. Enjoy more comfortable walks with the Zero Shock Lite Leash or even take them for a jog with the Road Runner Lite Leash.

Training Leashes

Activity: Training

Best for: Small to large breeds who are in training.

Claim to fame: Cleverly designed gear to enhance the training experience

Training leashes are made to help teach dogs necessary behavior and new tricks. They can be the perfect pair with a dog training harness or training collar for effective results. The 16-foot Track ‘ N’ Train Leash is a popular choice for recall training while the much shorter Luca slip lead is a popular choice for teaching your dog to walk next to you instead of pulling. Training leads are an excellent option for anyone raising a puppy to teach them desirable behavior and obedience for lasting results.

The choices we make refine the memories that follow and choosing appropriate accessories for our four-legged adventure buddies can elevate the experiences we share with them. Every moment we spend with our canine companions is precious. So, leash up, get out there, and start exploring!