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Dog Harnesses

Go play confidently with an EzyDog dog harness vest!

Style, comfort, and safety. EzyDog dog harnesses provide all three! Dogs and owners alike love our harnesses. Paired with our ergonomic and sturdy dog leashes, the harness makes walks, runs, and hikes a blast for everyone.

Practical, sturdy, and stylish dog harnesses

EzyDog dog harnesses are built with your pooch’s needs in mind. Each dog harness is designed to be comfortable, safe, durable, and stylish. Whether you want a harness that keeps your dog comfortable, or if you’re training your dog not to pull during walks, or if you want a sturdy harness for challenging treks, or anything in between, EzyDog harnesses have the perfect fit.

Our Dog Harnesses are:

  • A perfect fit
  • Simple
  • Adjustable
  • Colorful
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Customizable
  • Light-Weight
  • Clean
  • Fun
  • Fast

Available EzyDog Dog Harnesses:

  • Chest Plate Harness: Simple, adjustable, tons of colors, super comfortable, does not slide or chafe easily
  • QuickFit Harness: Comfortable, fast, a perfect fit, and did I mention fast already
  • Convert Harness: Rugged, sturdy, customizable, and you are able to accessorize with Convert Custom Side Badges
  • Convert Saddle Bags: This product helps turn the Convert Harness into a functional dog backpack, and is easily removed when not needed. It is customizable with our Convert Custom Side Badges to put your own message on the bags, and this must be used with our awesome Convert Harness.
  • Convert Custom Side Badges: Customize your Convert Harness with a variety of sayings such as 'Guide Dog' or even 'Princess'
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