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Hiking With Dogs

Hiking With Dogs

Posted by Bryant Baxter on 9th Aug 2018

To bring the dog, or not to bring the dog?

Every adventure-seeking dog owner crosses this fork in the trail at some point or another. Sometimes it can seem too difficult to bring our canine companions with us and the thought of leaving them behind can be heartbreaking. But, on the other hand, there’s nothing like experiencing the great outdoors with your best friend. Whether you’re backpacking on a multi-day excursion or going for a short jaunt, having them by your side enrichens the experience and strengthens your bond.

Having the right gear makes trekking with your sidekick much easier and ensures a safe return home. EzyDog’s line of active dog gear is built to endure the rugged outdoor lifestyle with the intent of allowing both man and dog to experience adventures together.

Gear List:

Simply put, ounces are pounds — especially on longer journeys. Even a short day hike can be exhausting when having to lug around extra gear. However, outfitting your dog with a backpack of their own can shed the extra weight off your shoulders.

Here’s a short packing list that will have you and your dog hitting the trails with confidence.

Dog Backpack
Purpose: Enables a dog to carry essential items, including their own gear.
Recommended: Summit Backpack
Weight: 9.6oz – 16oz
Product Info: The Summit Backpack is built with durability and comfort in mind. The ultra-lightweight design is built around the proven Chest Plate Harness and offers generous paniers that fully open to allow easy access to gear. Multiple leash attachments and a convenient grab handle allow you to keep your dog under control when necessary.

Food & Water Bowls
Purpose: Holding food for meal time and water for when your dog needs hydration.
Recommended: Drive Takeaway Bowls
Weight: 2.4oz (Size SM)
Product Info: The Takeaway series of travel bowls collapse for easy storage and can be quickly deployed when needed. The water bowl will allow you to share water from a bottle with your dog and the food bowl will keep their food free of ground borne contaminants.

Dog Leash
Purpose: Keeping your dog close and under control.
Recommended: Road Runner Leash
Weight: 6.4oz
Product Info: With built in shock absorption and optional hands-free configuration, this six foot leash has everything you need to comfortably traverse any trail. A traffic control loop allows you to shorten the lead when you need to keep your dog close and secure.

Dog Collar / Harness Light
Purpose: Keep track of your dog in low light situations.
Recommended: Adventure Light
Weight: 0.7oz
Product Info: EzyDog’s Adventure Lights offer everything you could want in a dog beacon and is available in multiple colors. They’re impact resistant, waterproof, and boast a 250+ hour battery life while being visible up to 3 miles away.

Treat and Waste Bag Storage
Purpose: Quick convenient access to treats and pick up bags.
Recommended: SnakPak GO
Weight: 3.5oz
Product Info: This convenient accessory is worn around the waist and allows easy access to treats to reward positive behavior. The SnakPak GO also stores waste bags, so you’ll never be caught without one. No more digging through your pack when your pup decides it’s potty time.

Collar or Harness
Purpose: Keep your dog secure when taking a break or hanging out around camp.
Recommended: Quick Fit Harness
Weight: 3.2oz (Size MD)
Product Info: The Quick Fit Harness blends the line between collar and harness. It’s lined with comfortable neoprene padding and is light weight and easy to stow.

Protective Gear
Purpose: Keeps dog warm when unexpected weather occurs, protection from undergrowth and other hazards.
Recommended: Element Jacket
Weight: 9.6oz (Size MD)
Product Info: The highly visible fleece-lined Element Jacket is wind and shower proof and keeps your dog warm when the temperature drops. The outer shell is made from 600 denier material that offers protection from sharp obstacles like bushes and barbed wire.

Dog Rashguard
Purpose: Keeps dog cool, SPF protection.
Recommended: Dog Rashie
Weight: 1.5oz (Size MD)
Product Info: A dog with a sunburn is no happy camper. The EzyDog Rashie provides 50+ SPF protection while keeping your dog cool. To boot, it’s virtually weightless and compactable.

Dog ID Information
Purpose: Reconnecting with your pup in case you get separated.
Recommended: Customized ID Tags
Weight: 0.16oz
Product Info: These customizable ID Tags are sturdy, light, and can be attached to either a collar or Quick Fit Harness. They’re rust proof and scratch resistant.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to pack basic first aid and healthy treats to keep them refueled throughout your adventure. Keep an eye out for signs of fatigue and take breaks when needed. These short moments are a great opportunity for you and your dog to revel in the outdoor vistas and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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