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Dog Backpacking Gear List

Dog Backpacking Gear List

Posted by EzyDog on 9th Aug 2023

Before you hit the trails, here's a list of all the top items and accessories to consider bringing along when hiking with your dog:

  • Hands-free leash with handheld option
  • Dog Hiking Harness or Backpack
  • Lightweight bowl
  • Dog water bottle
  • Poop bag dispenser
  • Dog light
  • ID tag
  • Wound treatment
  • Bear bells
  • Optional protective gear

To learn why we’ve chosen these items and to see our recommendations, keep reading.


Backpacking is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Careful planning is the key to getting the most out of your adventures and bringing the right gear ensures you’re prepared for any obstacles that stand in your way. And, while it seems like a big undertaking, enjoying these scenic treks with your dog is completely manageable as long as you remember to bring their essentials as well.

Top Picks – Backpacking Gear List For Dogs

Hands-Free Leash With Handheld Option

Road Runner Dog Leash

Purpose: Keeping your dog close and under control.
Recommended:  Road Runner Leash
Weight: 6.4oz

Product Info: With built in shock absorption and optional hands-free configuration, this adjustable leash has everything you need to comfortably traverse any trail. A traffic control loop allows you to shorten the lead when you need to keep your dog close.

Hiking Harness

EzyDog X-Link Harness

Purpose: Security and control.
Recommended:  X-Link Harness
Weight: 3.2oz (Size MD)

Product Info: The X-Link is the perfect harness for hikes where you don’t intend to have your dog wear a backpack. The form-fitting pads provide security and protection. Two different leash attachments provide versatility. The rear leash attachment is great for going uphill and the front attachment will reduce your dog’s pull when going downhill.

Dog Backpack

Summit Backpack

Purpose: Enables a dog to carry items, like their own gear.
Recommended:  Summit Backpack
Weight: 9.6oz – 16oz

Product Info: The Summit Backpack is built with durability and comfort in mind. The ultra-lightweight design is built around the proven Chest Plate Harness and offers generous paniers that fully open to allow easy access to gear. Multiple leash attachments and a convenient grab handle allow for excellent control.

Lightweight Dog Bowl

Fold-A-Bowl Folding Dog Bowl

Purpose: Holding food for meal time and water for hydration.
Recommended:  Fold-A-Bowl
Weight: 2oz – 2.4oz

Product Info: The Fold-A-Bowl is ultra-light and packs tight! It’s made from durable waterproof nylon. We recommend the small size for most occasions, but the larger size can be great for big dogs that need more food and water.

Dog Water Bottle

EzyDog Leaf Bottle

Purpose: Dedicated water bottle, so you can save your bottle for yourself!
Recommended:  Leaf Bottle
Weight: 5.3oz (empty)

Product Info: The Leaf Bottle carries 20oz of water and features a built-in folding lid that functions as a trough that your dog can drink out of. It’s the perfect way to have hydration at the ready whenever your dog needs it.

Poop Bag Dispenser

Doo Bag

Purpose: Keeps waste bags handy and boots clean!
Recommended:  Doo Bag
Weight: 1.1oz (empty)

Product Info: Weighing at a phenomenal 1.1oz, the Doo Bag is easy to bring along. It can be attached to a leash, backpack straps, or belt to allow quick access to pick up bags, so you can keep your adventure moving forward.

Dog Light

EzyDog GO2 Light

Purpose: Keep track of your dog in low light situations.
Recommended:  GO2 Multi Dog Light
Weight: 0.7oz

Product Info: The GO2 is everything you could want in a dog beacon. With the ability to change between 4 different colors and 3 modes of operation, this ultra-bright LED light provides up to 500 meters of visibility. Plus, it’s USB rechargeable, impact resistant, and waterproof.

ID Tag

EzyDog ID Tags

Purpose: Reconnecting with your pup in case you get separated.
Recommended:  EzyDog Customized ID Tags
Weight: 0.16oz

Product Info: These customizable ID Tags are sturdy, light, and can be attached to either a collar or select harnesses. There are many colors to choose from, so you can personalize them to suit your dog gear and personality.

Optional Protective Gear

Sometimes adventures call for additional gear. For colder weather, we recommend the highly-visible and weatherproof  Element Jacket. If you anticipate long stretches of trail to include sun exposure, the an EzyDog Rashie provides 50+ SPF protection, while being easy to stow and weighing virtually nothing.

Other Essentials

Never go backpacking without a medical kit. If you’re bringing your dog along for the journey, make sure you have the proper wound care for them as well.

The backcountry is full of wildlife, and making nature aware of your presence is a good way to make sure you don’t startle animals. For that reason, attaching bells to your dog is a good idea. Plus, it will allow you to audibly track them when they go off-leash.

When you’re ready to hit the trail, don’t forget to keep an eye out for signs of fatigue and take breaks when needed. These short moments are a great opportunity for you and your dog to revel in the outdoor vistas and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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