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EzyDog Dog Collars Introduce the Neo Collar

Neo for Neoprene. Neoprene is a soft rubber material that is used in wetsuits, and its reinforced with nylon webbing for added strength, stretch, and durability. Great for waterproof dog collars.

Product Information

  • The highest quality materials used for added durability
  • This dog collar is completely waterproof and easy to clean
  • Uses a stainless steel D-ring which is non-rusting
  • Hook and loop adjustments make sizing the collar extremely simple
  • A quick release buckle so the collar is easy to get on and off
  • Reflective piping for visibility in the dark
  • An ID clip to securely attach your dog's ID tags
  • Color Options: Blue, Red, Chocolate, Blaze Orange, Pink Camo, Green Camo, Arctic Camo
  • Size Options: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Warning: PLEASE do not ever leave your dog tied up. Doing so with the Neo Collar will void the warranty. Thanks for caring about the safety of your dog!


Neo Dog Collars

Now Go and Play!

The Neo Collar Dog Collar is Great For Any Sized Dog!

Neo Collars are thick and padded large dog collars that any sized dog can enjoy. Even if you have a rough and tumble Jack Russell Terrier, she has met her match with the durability of this collar! Wider dog collars are also much safer on walks with your best furry friends because they are less likely to cause as much of a choking sensation than some thin dog collars might, and this collar is so soft that it will be unlikely chafe your dog's neck from repeated use. These dog collars can also be used effectively for dog training, and EzyDog offers some great leashes and harnesses to pair up with this amazing collar! Don't forget to check-out a matching detachable key chain that is a miniature version of this popular dog collar!

Size & Fitting Instructions

For best fit, measure your dog's neck exactly how you would like the collar to fit and select a size from the chart below. If you are near the end of a size range, go up to the next size.
NeoCollar Sizing
  Neck Width
Size Inches Neoprene Nylon
XS 12 - 13" 7/8 5/8
S 13.5 - 15" 1 1/8" 3/4
M 15.5 - 17.25" 1 1/4 1
L 18 - 20.25" 1 1/4 1
XL 21 - 24" 1 1/4 1


EzyDog Neo Collar (02:02) Collars in the world of EzyDog are know as Neo Collars. We have taken what has been the 'standard' in dog collars in the industry to a much more comfortable and functional level. Waterproof, rust proof and nearly stink free with easy cleaning put the EzyDog Neo Collar ahead of the pack.
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Product Reviews

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25th Jul 2014
Neo Collar is awesome

"We just purchased our 3rd EzyDog Neo Collar for our new lab. W emust love it if we keep coming back. The beauty of this collar is the fact it is reflective so grat for night time walks. It is also waterproof so they hlod up great after a quick dip in the pool or a long day at the lake. Also, since it adjustable by velcro, it makes it very easy to quickly make those adjustments. Between the heat, weight fluxuations, swimming, etc. it is nice to make those quick changes. "

"Brenda Erb"

17th Jul 2014
Great Collar

"I love this collar, they look good and fit my dogs well. The quality is great for the price. This is our second set of collars. "

"Glenn M"

11th Jul 2014
best collars on the market!!

"This is my 5th time getting new collars for my dogs. I like the color variations and they hold up well to daily use. Great for my 10lb Maltese and my 70lb rott/dobe mix. All 5 sets are in good condition to this day, I like to vary color and my two are always inside so I like new clean collars. "

"Larry Smith"

17th Jun 2014
Bulky and Sturdy

"According to the size chart, a medium Neo-Collar should have fit our Boxer, but we had to send it back and get a large, which fits her very well. It looks bulky, but that's because of all the padding, and it seems very comfortable for her to wear. I like having a separate ring to hang her tags instead of using the D-ring where the leash connects.

Returning the original collar was very easy, and our refund showed up promptly."


9th Apr 2014

"omg is amazing collar now my pit no had more pain on the neck.. absolutly love this collar"


27th Mar 2014
Best Collar I've ever purchased

"I absolutely love this collar. It is very gentle on my Pit Bull's sensitive skin and durable enough to withstand the tugging of the leash when I'm training her. Hands down, the best collar I've ever bought my dog. Thank you Ezydog for your amazing, high quality products!!!! I'm a fan :) "


11th Mar 2014
Sturdy but gentle on sensivtive skin

"My pit has always broken out from other collars rubbing on her neck , this doesn't leave any marks even after a long walk. Got her a size large and she is about 64 lbs."


5th Mar 2014
one of the best collars if not the best out

"If i had to pick a good quality collar for my dog this would be it. Thick, sturdy, high quality, and an extra attachment for dog tags which is essental for me instead of using the D ring for the leash"

"Adam Russell"

1st Mar 2014
Best collar for your money hands down

"Best collar for a killer price. My dog Romeo seems to love the collar. He never scratches at it like he did most other collars. Great design made of sturdy material. Very impressed with the products I have purchased so far from Ezy Dog."

"Matthew Hornsby"

23rd Feb 2014
Break in very well

"We ordered these four collars as a replacement for the EZ dog collars we already had.

The first set of EZ Dog collars lasted over three years so I'm fairly impressed with their durability. They are still in good shape, just a bit faded from the sun so we decided to replace them and donate the old ones.

When the collars first arrive they do seem a bit stiff. This is because they are made with a significant amount of padding on the inside part of the collar. It takes about a week and the collars become very soft and pliable.

With normal collars our dogs were often scratching their necks as if they itched and bothered them. Since we started getting these collars a few years ago they do not act like their collars are bothering them anymore.

They even stand up to our youngest dog dragging our Labrador around by his collar all the time when they wrestle haha.

We are very impressed with the quality of these collars and will definitely keep getting our collars from EZ Dog."

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