Key Ring (neo collar style)

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EzyDog Mini Neo Collar Key Ring
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Neo Quick Clip Key Ring from EzyDog

Product Information

  • Securely attaches to your dog's harness or collar
  • Ezy hang, Ezy snap buckle
  • Doubles as a snap-on identification on almost any dog accessory
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Color Options: Black, Green Camo, Pink Camo
  • Size: Will wrap securely around your finger

How Will You Repurpose Your Neo Key Ring?

EzyDog doesn't just think about dogs, they think about their owners too! This mini key ring is a scaled down version of their popular EzyDog Neo Collars! Our Neo Collar is a dog collar made with neoprene that is waterproof, safe, and durable. This detachable key ring is made to go anywhere with you even if your dog is at home!  People will give you compliments on its cuteness, handiness, and how unusual it is. This perfect key ring is extremely versatile which the snap clip allows.

Clip this mini key ring on your dog's collar when going for walks so you don't have to take a purse or have pockets on you. This is also ideal to attach your dog collar tags to if you own multiple collars or harnesses, because with one snap your dog has identification and is ready to go on an adventure no matter what she wears! This key ring will also wrap around your finger for easy carrying or to hang on a handy key hook at home.

14 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Unspecified on 11th Jun 2012

    Keyring is cute. Forgot I ordered it though until I received request for review. Thank goodness I still had the package and didn't throw it out. Thanks for the reminder. I haven't used it yet but can't wait to try it based on the other reviews.

  • 5
    Cool accessory

    Posted by Support Dog Rescues on 1st Jun 2012

    A nice way to advertise your love of dogs (and Ezydog products!). I use it to clip my house key to my Cujo leash when walking without pockets. Feels nice on the finger, too. Ezydog should consider making a larger one that fits the wrist for hands free key carrying.

  • 5
    a mini collar that still handles my 85lb mix

    Posted by Robert M. on 1st Dec 2011

    I put this key collar around the steel ring of my quickfit harness and lifted my 85 lb dog. If the key chain is that strong, how strong do you think the collar is? Love the EzyDog products.

  • 5
    Lots of comments...

    Posted by Matt on 23rd Aug 2011

    For something as small as a keychain I sure do get a lot of comments on this. Very durable just like the collar I purchased.

  • 5
    Great for changing collars!

    Posted by Sady/Rockstar on 23rd Aug 2011

    A must have. I use this product to hold my dogs ID/Tags.  It has a side release buckle so its easy to swap collars. Thanks EZYDOG!

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