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Seat Belt Restraint


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Dog Seat Belts - Sturdy, Reliable Dog Car Harness Restraints

We love our pets and car safety can be a snap with the one size fits all dog seat belt restraint from EzyDog. Use with our dog harnesses to ensure your pup is safe in the back seat while traveling. Vehicle dog restraints have become law in several states in the US, so protect your pup while on the road. 

Product Information


seat belt restraint diagram

A Warning About our EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint

Caution: This product is designed to be used with an EzyDog Harness to prevent driver distraction and restrain the dog to one position in the vehicle. In the event of a car accident it may not prevent injury to the passengers or your dog. Inspect attachment for wear or abrasion. Do not use if damaged!

Prioritize Your Dog's Safety with a Dog Seat Belt Restraint from EzyDog

Road trips can be a blast, but not when your unrestrained dog is clambering all over the car! Reduce driving distractions with the EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint. Attaching to your car’s seat belt and your dog’s sturdy EzyDog dog harness, it keeps your pooch in one place while still allowing him to sit or lay down comfortably.

Trips to the vet, dog park, and everywhere else just got a lot easier! This safe dog seat belt restraint pairs well with the EzyDog QuickFit Harness. Don’t take another car ride with your dog in your lap. Order your seat belt restraint for a dog today - safe travels!

Pet Safety FAQ

What's the best way to keep dogs safe in the car?

Just like people, dogs should wear a pet seat belt in case of a crash. The safest way for dog owners to travel with dogs is to secure them with car seat belts or dog car harnesses.

How do you use a safety restraint? 

This safety restraint features a simple design that clicks into the seat belt buckle and hooks around your dog's collar. Other devices like safety harnesses function similarly.

What should I do if my dog doesn't like the seat belt?

Have patience and try to get them used to it with treats, short trips, and practice buckling them in.

Where should a dog sit in the car? 

The back seat is typically the safest place. It can be dangerous and distracting to have a dog in the front seat, especially in the event of an accident. Even sudden stops can cause severe injury to an unrestrained pet.


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  • 3
    needs to be longer (or have an option for a longer one)

    Posted by Brandon Valkenburg on 5th Jun 2013

    It is a great idea and works well but the issue I am having with my large puppy is that the seat belt always retracts all the way eventually and he cannot sit and is forced to be stuck in the laying down position. This is probably due to vehicle to vehicle difference but is something to be addressed. with the seat belt buckled and as tight as it can go with nothing behind he should be able to be in the sitting position not just forced to llay down if he so much as bends down at all. Thanks Brandon EzyDog says: Thanks for the review Brandon. For more length check out our Click! Seat Belt Restraint.

  • 5
    Easy to Use

    Posted by Douglas on 25th Mar 2013

    I never thought of restraining my dog in the car before, but gave it a try since it came free with this harness. I should have tried it a long time ago. I don't miss my pup trying to climb in the front seat with me or pacing in the back seat. She just sits still. Good for me and good for her too!

  • 2
    Good Harness, bad seat belt attachment

    Posted by Melissa on 21st Mar 2013

    The harness itself works great. I purchased this brand over others because of the seat belt attachment which came with it. When I put my lab into my car, I attached the clip as shown in the picture but he was still able to move around extensively in my vehicle. He was able to get down from the captain's chair in my second row and pull the seat belt strap out as far as it would go. Would not recommend this for anyone with large dogs! EzyDog says: Thanks Melissa - This is not an issue we have seen with most dogs, as pulling seat belt slack can be a difficult task. I would recommend checking out the Click for your pup. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance:

  • 2

    Posted by MG on 14th Jul 2012

    Love to finally put safety over pleasure for my dog while traveling in the car. However, my dog is big and the short seat belt retraint keeps him pinned and unable to turn his body. I have not given up on safety, but his comfort while traveling is also a peace of mind. Decided to purchase the longer restraint belt and attached it to his chest harness

  • 4
    Good product.

    Posted by Kevin and Zeus the Boxer. on 14th Jul 2012

    I like the seat belt restraint. They are very secure. Had to rig my seatbelt a little to fix my boxer. For taller dogs simply put a little more slack in the "lap" portion of the seatbelt. My seat belts had a loose loop at the buckle, so I set it the way I wanted it, and wrapped a cheap velcro strap around the seat belt right next to the buckle to keep it sized correctly. I will admit that I later bought the "clicky" seat belt strap from Ezydog. I prefer it over this one because it is faster to secure and can be adjusted for length depend if I put the dog in the front or back seat. Both products not only keep your dog safer, but keep you safer too. Especially if you have a small dog that can accidentally get in to the driver's side floorboard while driving. I'm not sure about all states, but a loose dog in a vehicle will get you a traffic violation where I live. I even got a compliment (and reprimand) from an officer. He told me, "I'm glad to see the pet is wearing his seat belt, too bad the owner isn't. Here is your seat belt ticket!"

  • 5
    Sooper Ezy

    Posted by Jackson on 12th Dec 2011

    This restraint works great. I leave mine clipped into the seat belt all the time. Then when my dog is ready to go for a ride i just pull some slack on the belt, slide the restraint up to a comfortable position and clip to my dog's harness. Pretty sweet.

  • 5
    Secure your dog

    Posted by Laura on 23rd Aug 2011

    This is a great product. Just clip your dog and off you go.

  • 4
    This worked really well

    Posted by Unspecified on 9th Aug 2011

    The seatbelt restraint worked great on a very long trip. My Rhodesian Ridgeback was comfortable and only got tangled once. she was able to lay down and move just enough while not having to worry about her coming up to explore the front seat or bother my son.

  • 2
    Difficult to keep straight on seat belt

    Posted by Unspecified on 26th Jul 2011

    The harness is great but however the clip that slips over the seat belt does not work that great. When I hooked it to my dog, he was still able to move enough to get the whole seat belt wrapped around his legs and I had to pull over to get him untangled. It does not move far enough up the seat belt. -------Response from EzyDog--------- You need to pull out more slack from the Seat Belt to get the restraint further up the belt. Please contact us if you need any further assistance.