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DFD™ Life Jacket


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Dog Life Jackets with Superior Flotation

Our life jackets combine top performing flotation with the comfort of life vest versatility. Recognized as one of the top dog PFD's on the market, EzyDog keeps your dog stylish with plenty of color options for your next trip to the beach. Pair this life jacket with a waterproof dog collar

Product Information

  • up to 50% more flotation keeping your pup safe in the water
  • The grab handle makes it easy to guide your dog into and out of the water
  • Adjustable neoprene straps form an ergonomic and secure fit
  • Reflective detailing provides better nighttime safety
  • Color Options: Red and Yellow
  • Size Options: XS, S, M, L, XL


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Now Go and Swim!


SizeWeightGirth InchesLength Inches
XS 15-25lbs 19-32" 10-13"
S 20-45lbs 21-35" 13-16"
M 40-60lbs 25-39" 15-20"
L 60-90lbs 27-44" 17-24"
XL 90+lbs 30-48" 20-26"

The Ultimate in Life Jackets for Dogs

EzyDog lives and breathes innovative design. Our dog life preservers are built from high performance materials to play just as hard as your pooch, keeping her safe and comfortable wherever she roams.Our Dog Flotation Vest boasts up to 50% more ultra-buoyant material, strategically placed to keep your dog in a natural, easy swimming position at all times. And a sturdy nylon D-ring means you can clip a dog leash to the vest.

EzyDog Dog Life Preservers: Performance and Safety

You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other! Our life jackets for dogs are rigorously tested to ensure that they give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible. And the easy to adjust neoprene straps make putting on the flotation vest a matter of seconds. Our flotation vests for dogs won’t hinder or restrict your pooch’s natural movement, so you can play on lake or land! Choose from a variety of bright colors and patterns to suit your style.

Order your EzyDog Dog Flotation Vest today! And for dogs 15 lbs and smaller, check out our Micro Dog Flotation Device! Check out our full line of dog life jackets & flotation vests.

EzyDog Worldwide prides itself on constructing high performance, comfortable and safe dog products. Pet owners are thrilled with the lightweight and comfortable fit of the EzyDog line of dog life jackets and PDF's.


For best fit measure the girth of the dog. This is the area around the dog at the widest. Measure the general back length of the dog. Girth will take priority when selecting a size. The DFD does not need to cover your dog’s entire back length to be effective.

For Dogs under 15 lbs, check out our Micro DFD!

Size Weight Girth Inches Length Inches
XS 15-25lbs 19-32" 10-13"
S 20-45lbs 21-35" 13-16"
M 40-60lbs 25-39" 15-20"
L 60-90lbs 27-44" 17-24"
XL 90+lbs 30-48" 20-26"
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  • 5
    Dog life vest

    Posted by Unspecified on 26th Jul 2017

    Excellent! Helps to keep my dogs head up out of the water perfectly.

  • 5
    LOVE ezydog!

    Posted by Barb and Art on 12th Aug 2016

    We first bought a doggy life vest for our 150lb English lab from ezydog. We were really impressed with how well this was made and how comfortable it was for him, then we wanted a harness for him, that we could use to help get him out of the water when he didn't have his life vest on, found a great one, it even has a handle on it and is large enough for our big boy,also made by ezydog, then we bought him a great collar that he looks very handsome in, all from ezydog.

  • 4
    Good Quality Vest for German Shorthair Pointers

    Posted by Unspecified on 24th Jul 2015

    Purchased this vest because reviews said it was the sturdiest for lifting dogs. Very high quality, two vests purchased, both excellent. Under belly straps very comfortable on the dogs and strap and leash connections on top very solid. Lifted two GSP's, one 54 pounds, one 50 pounds, in and out of the water repeatedly. Used the leash attachment to tie dogs to the boat (they wanted to swim ashore to get birds). They pulled my 25 foot cabin cruiser around the anchor, but the vest held solid. Would have given it 5 stars if it was made in the US, or at lest made in a country allied with the US.

  • 5
    comfortable and ezy

    Posted by Laurel on 8th Jul 2015

    This coat is a great fit. It is easy to put on and it stays on. It gives him a little boost to keep him swimming. As he gets older, swimming will keep him young! It is a great workout in the summer.

  • 5
    Awesome Life Jacket

    Posted by Gina on 8th Jun 2015

    Mason: 120 lb two year old Great Dane/ Mastiff mix size XL – never tried swimming Jak: 75 lb eight year old Shepherd/Lab mix size L – loves to swim We recently bought a boat and decided that the dogs needed a life jacket too. I searched high and low trying to find a jacket that would meet the weight requirements for Mason. I read a few good reviews and articles on the Ezydog life jacket. When it came, I put the jacket on Mason and Jak to wear around the house. Mason is pretty tolerant of “dressing up”, whereas Jak is not at all. Neither of them minded it and walked around comfortably. The straps that go under their bellies is a good 4-5 inches thick and supportive for when they are floating or need to be lifted out of the water. I didn’t try to lift them using the handle, but it seems good. When we took the dogs out on the boat, Jak enjoyed swimming with the life jacket on. Mason did not try swimming, and just wore it for safe keeping. I was still a little unsure if the jacket could hold him up if there was an emergency (Since the description stated 90+ pounds… I wasn’t sure how much the + meant). My sister and boyfriend decided to go for a swim off the boat. I took the life jacket off Mason and had my 200 pound boyfriend give it a try  it held him up! It fits both dogs perfectly and keeps them safe. I didn't realize it until after I bought the jackets. I also bought a harness from this company a couple years ago and it is very nice and sturdy.

  • 5

    Posted by Unspecified on 4th Jun 2015

    My dog throughly enjoys his life vest. It keeps him safe while we are at the beach or on the boat. He knows how to swim just fine but I always fear the unknown, like rip tides. This floatation device is made of strong durable material with vivid colors that won't fade. We love it. AAA+++

  • 5
    Helping rehab a rescue

    Posted by GS owner on 1st Dec 2014

    We rescued a 70 lb German Shepard who, about a year ago, had ruptured his achilles tendon. Our vet recommended swimming to help him strengthen his leg. Let's just say he was less than thrilled about getting in the pool The flotation vest makes him feel safe(r). It's easy to put on, he feels secure with it around him and he is learning to doggy paddle like a champ! One hint, my husband stands to the side and holds the top handle, I stand in front and keep my hands above his front legs so he paddles vs. flails. He is making great progress and even seems to like it!

  • 5

    Posted by Unspecified on 8th Sep 2014

    I ordered the yellow DFD in a size medium for my 37 lb Aussie mix. He technically should have been in the small but due to the length of his back I decided to go with the medium. It fits him great. He was at the high end for the small and a bit smaller than the medium. I made the right decision. We tried it out today and it was great. He felt really secure in the water and had a great time. Shipping was also really fast. USPS delayed it by a couple of days but that was all USPS's fault.

  • 5
    Awesome Life Jacket

    Posted by Dallas Gremillion on 4th Sep 2014

    My Cocker Spaniel fit perfectly in the Small. She loves it and it gave her a lot of confidence while she was swimming around the boat. Best of all, the handle makes it very easy to reach down and pull her back into the boat. I would love to be able to upload some photos to show how perfectly it fit and how much fun she had swimming around in the lake in the life jacket. She really enjoys wearing it.