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Which Life Jacket Is Right For Your Dog?

Which Life Jacket Is Right For Your Dog?

19th May 2023

What is the best life jacket for dogs?

If you’ve found yourself asking this question, you’ve come to the right place. EzyDog has been making dog flotation vests for over 2 decades, establishing a benchmark that still remains. Our roots in the watersports industry make us privy to high performance materials, and our passion for enjoying life’s adventures with our furry companions means we want all humans to enjoy bringing their dog to water.

Dog life jackets are becoming increasingly popular for good reason. As with humans, water can pose a serious risk to dogs whether you’re out boating with them or relaxing at your favorite beach. A reliable life jacket provides additional buoyancy to help dogs stay afloat, keeping them safe and allowing their humans peace of mind.

All EzyDog life jackets are made with the same key principles: superior flotation and natural ergonomics. We pack up to 50% more ultra-buoyant foam as compared to other life jackets on the market, meaning a proper fit will assist to keep dogs afloat regardless of their weight. That flotation is distributed in such a way that allows dogs to maintain their natural swim pattern, uninhibited. There are some key differences between the different styles available, and knowing their unique features will help you to find the best fitting dog life jacket for your needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the different life jackets offered by EzyDog:

DFD – Dog Flotation Device

Best for: All breeds, especially dogs weighing more than 15 lbs

Claim to fame: “The Original Dog Flotation Device”

The Dog Flotation Device is the original dog life jacket. It includes an adjustable collar to help keep dog’s heads above water as well as neoprene padded straps to avoid chaffing that can occur when they get wet. Reflective trim is included to allow you to see your dog in low-light conditions. A handle on the back allows you to assist your dog through water, onto a dock, or into a boat and a convenient leash attachment can be used for escorting them from the car to the beach. It’s a perfect solution for keeping dogs afloat.

DFD X2 Boost

Best for: All breeds

Claim to fame: Modern, streamlined flotation for dogs of all sizes

The DFD X2 Boost is the latest generation of dog flotation. It builds on all the features that make the original DFD great, but in a more streamlined fit and modern look. The front collar on the X2 is continuous, wrapping all the way around the dog’s neck while still being adjustable. Instead of straps under the belly, the X2 features an additional flotation panels that go under the belly and buckle together. The handle on the back of the life jacket is more congruent with the geometry of the life vest and the leash attachment is made from rust-proof aluminum. The DFD X2 has reflective trim and also features a built-in attachment point for mounting a dog safety light.

With sizes ranging from 4XS – XL, the DFD X2 Boost is made to keep dogs of all sizes confidently afloat.

Micro DFD Life Jacket

Best for: Small breeds, typically weighing less than 20 lbs

Claim to fame: Flotation for small dogs!

The Micro Dog Flotation Device is a reimagining of the original DFD for small dogs typically weighing less than 20 lbs. It retains a majority of the same features and look but in a smaller package, delivering best-in-class flotation performance for even the tiniest breeds. As with the DFD X2, the Micro includes additional flotation under the dog’s belly.


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