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Dog Harness vs Collar

Dog Harness vs Collar

24th Jul 2023

When it comes to walking your dog, choosing between a harness or collar can be a tough decision. Both have their pros and cons, and ultimately, the best choice depends on your dog's individual needs and behavior.

Dog Walking With Harness

Dog Harness Pros:

  • Provides better control and reduces pulling on walks
  • Distributes pressure evenly across the chest and back, reducing strain on the neck
  • Great for dogs with respiratory issues or neck injuries
  • Can be used as a safety restraint in the car

Dog Harness Cons:

  • Can be more difficult to put on and take off
  • Some dogs may not like the feeling of a harness and may resist wearing it

Dog Walking With Collar and Leash

Dog Collar Pros:

  • Easier to put on and take off
  • Great for identification purposes
  • Can be a more affordable option

Dog Collar Cons:

  • Can cause strain on the neck if the dog pulls
  • May not provide enough control for larger or stronger dogs
  • Not recommended for dogs with respiratory issues or neck injuries

As you can see, both a harness and collar have their advantages and disadvantages. It's important to consider your dog's needs before choosing.

It’s worth mentioning that most EzyDog collars and harnesses are designed to address the cons mentioned above by being comfortable, easy to use, and secure. You can check out our entire line of best-selling harnesses and collars here to make it Ezy!


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