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Double the Strength, Double the Security Dog Collars

Product Information

  • Twice the strength and security of traditional dog collars
  • It is built with two stainless steel D-rings
  • These two double D-rings will take the pressure away from the easy access buckle
  • Made from the highest quality materials, it is non-rusting
  • Features our Soft Touch Nylon Webbing for comfort
  • Reflective stitching is incorporated for night time safety
  • An ID attachment is included for your dog’s tags
  • Color Options: Candy, Red, Camo, Black, Blue, Orange, Chocolate, BubbleGum, Purple, Pink Camo

Size Options

  • SM  (.5" Wide)
  • MD  (.75" Wide)
  • LG   (1" Wide)
  • XL    (1.5" Wide)




Now Go and Play!

Introducing the Double Up Collar - A Dog Collar Offering Superior Strength and Flex

The EzyDog Double Up Collar offers superior strength and comfort, and can also be used effectively as a dog training collar in conjunction with a harness and/or a leash.  EzyDog has effectively found a way to double up on strength while still offering an attractive and durable collar with this double d-ring collar. Whether you need some small dog collars or large dog collars, the double D-ring collar is still an excellent choice for you and your dog! Take your dog with you on vacation with this high quality collar which reduces the risk of him losing his collar or breaking it off.

Dogs are incredibly tough on their collars, and it takes good engineering to make a sturdy double up collar. Not only was durability in mind when EzyDog created this, but also your dog's comfort was in mind. Dog collars may be worn for hours at a time by your pooch, so it's important to have a collar comfortable enough that your dog won't even notice he's wearing it.

EzyDog Double Up Collar (01:29)
Award winning comfort and controlDouble the Strength, Double the SecurityThe EzyDog Double Up Collar offers superior strength and comfort. It is built with Two Stainless Steel D-Rings. These Double D-Rings will bear the force from your dog, taking the pressure away from the Easy Access Buckle.Made from the highest quality materials, it is non-rusting and features our Soft Touch Nylon Webbing for comfort. Reflective Stitching is incorporated for night time safety.An ID Attachment is included for your dog's tags.EzyDog has Doubled Up on Strength!
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Product Reviews

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31st Dec 2016
akita strong

"needed new collar for the male akita and this fit the bill. needed to be readjusted after wearing for several days but it works perfectly on him, but he is also a short coat akita. the collar for the female did not work as well. she is long coated and it could not be tightened up enough to keep from slipping over her head. we do like the collar as it does help in controlling him as he is super strong on walks. "


4th Dec 2016
Difficult to attach a leash

"I really wanted to like this collar but the double D rings are hard to get a leash on an excited dog. You have to carefully line up both D rings and use both hands to attach the leash. The clip on my EzyDog leashes is barely big enough to fit around both D rings, even on the smaller sized collar. If you have one very calm dog then this would be a good collar for you. I have four not calm dogs and this collar is more of a hassle than it should be. Also the pink camo color is very stiff and not soft like the other colors. "


22nd Oct 2016

"Fits my pup well and the pink camo looks great!"

"Louis Wolff"

16th Sep 2016
The non scary Prong collar

"I am not new to training dogs but for my new VERY hyper Russel/Pitt Salinger I wanted to try something a bit new in stead of the typic prong collar. this is just as effective and in my opinion for a hyper dog better because it does not cause pain. If u dont have a dog that pulls a lot a prong collar works well but if u have dong that is quick and powerful this seems much more human. Again my opinion."


27th Aug 2015
Great Product

"I love this collar. My female Rhodesian Ridgeback needed a new collar. I have also purchased the harnesses for both of my dogs. So of course I came back to EZ Dog to find the collar. I wanted girl colors which I found. I really like the double up rings. Since she is very strong I need a collar that is durable. I would recommend this to every dog owner especially those that own larger breed dogs."


11th Mar 2015
Excellent Collar

"This camo collar is of excellent quality and we love the reflective stitching! This is our third collar for multiple dogs. EzyDog got it right and at a great price point. We have purchased multiple harness & collars and will continue to recommend them. Excellent customer service also! "


29th Jul 2014
Double Up Collar- so good, we bought it for the second dig

"We purchased the candy colored double up collar for our Weimaraner. It was such a high quality and the pink let everyone know she was our baby girl. She is so strong, we also got the matching harness and zero shock leash.
A few weeks ago, we got a miniature dashaund. We love the collar so much we got a matching one for the new puppy. "


30th Jul 2013
Great Collar

"Great collar. My rottie looks so handsome. Great service. Collar arrived in a couple of days. Will purchase more !"


2nd Jul 2013
Great Idea!

"Liked the idea of the leash immediately. Solid construction. Would order again for a smaller dog. My only drawbacks were the color of the orange is pretty ugly and I wish the medium was one inch wide. A pretty big dog can fit in an 18.5 inch collar. Not sure if .75 inch is suitable at that point. Would like not to have the need to by another collar when my pup is full grown. "


21st Mar 2013

"I was looking for a good collar for training my shiba puppy. I considered a martingale, but wanted to give this a go first. I've been using it for about a month - it is awesome! Comfortably loose, yet super strong when my little guy tries to pull. Unlike other buckle collars, I know he's not going to slip out if this one, and the tag clip is seriously great!"

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