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Simple Storage for Your Pet Waste Bags

Product Information

  • Easily store and access your preferred pet waste bags
  • Attaches to all EzyDog leashes
  • The velcro strap and quick clip allows easy, out-of-the-way carrying
  • Never be caught without a pick-up bag when you need it
  • Color Options: Black


Always Be Prepared with Your Dog Poop Bags 

Whether you are walking your best friend, have to take care of a service dog, or have to go on long trips, our dog poop bag holder discreetly holds most types of dog waste bags for you.  The easy attach clip or Velcro lets your imagination fly as to how you can most conveniently attach it!

Don't let your dog pick-up bags become an obvious attention during walks, use an EzyDog Doo Bag today to hide the waste away! The dog bag dispenser pairs nicely with any of our dog leashes, dog backpacks, or dog harnesses!

EzyDog DooBag (00:41)
The DooBag is the perfect companion for your leash walks. It either clips or velcros to virtually any leash and holds your recycled grocery sacks or your rolls of bags for picking up after your dogs "business." An extra pocket holds a cell phone or other items you take with you on your journey.
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Product Reviews

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16th Mar 2017

"These Dog bags are a nice simple improvement over the hard plastic dispensers. Since it attaches right to the leash it doesn't dangle or hit things. Carries an extra roll of bags. The only thing that might make it better to to make the EZY reflective for added visibility for those night walks"

"Jen Payne"

25th Oct 2016
The Absolute Best Doggy Poo Bag

"I love, love, love, this poo bag holder - I love that it can hold multiple rolls of dog poo bags and I really love that the bag has an extra area to hold my car keys when I take our Shiba Inus, Finn and Evie, to a local park to hike. The extra area is such a great feature - When I take our dogs to the vet, I just slip my credit card and iPhone in the holder and I don't need to worry about juggling my things as we exit and I can focus on walking the dogs in safely. "

"Joye Brown"

2nd Aug 2016

"I love this bag. It holds two rolls of bags. Well made, heavy duty construction. A little to heavy for the lite leashes, but it is still great."

"Mike Dawes"

15th Dec 2015
great design

"I really like these bag holders, with one exception. The Velcro straps to attach it to your leash are not attached very well. I had one catch on the door on my way out and it ripped the straps right off. I know this is an extreme case, but I think they should be reinforced. "


28th Jul 2015
Works good

"Item works as advertised and allows you to keep several poop bags on hand. Attaches easily to any leash (doesn't have to be a leash) with velcro straps. I do not use the roll of poop bags, I just place several bags inside the bag and it allows me to pull them out one at a time."


21st Nov 2014
Great design for a "dirty" topic

"What a great "doo" bag! I love the design and function. It attaches perfectly and securely to any leash and it's so easy to pull out a bag. Another reviewer suggested a larger pocket for a cell, but I'd prefer it to be smaller since I carry my cell elsewhere (& it would be too large to fit into the DooBag. It would be a great gift to give to other dog owners, but may be an odd gift :-P"

"Loki's owner"

14th Dec 2012
Nicely made

"This is a very nicely made bag there is a little pocket for a cell or money or whatever and a key velcro's on to my mongrel traffic leash nicely , and it holds the bags for the well you know discreetly...I do wish the pockets were reverse the shorter side leading to the bag opening and the longer side for my stuff. but this is doing the job I need it to do. "


14th Jul 2012

"Excellent. Easy to attach to leash or clip on to harness or belt loop. Easy to add disposable bags. "


23rd Jun 2012

"It's pretty convenient and light weight. "

"Support Dog Rescues"

1st Jun 2012
almost perfect

"Better than all the plastic holders of bag rolls out there-looks great and has added functionality. My only complaint is that the extra pocket is just a little bit too small to easily slide my iPhone in and out of it--a must for walking without pockets. It's nice to be able to use any kind of bag (e.g., reuse plastic grocery bags), but my rolls slip out if not careful when pulling out an individual bag. Still my favorite doo bag on the market. "

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