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Rugged, Practical, Trail-Ready Dog Harnesses

Convert Dog Harnesses and vests are extremely versatile, and you can easily take it just about anywhere! Add a Custom Side Badge for service dogs or dogs in training. NEW Transform your Convert Harness to a dog backpack with our Convert Saddle Bags Attachment.

Product Information

  • Keeps up with the demands of an active lifestyle
  • Durable polyester outer shell
  • Soft cotton lining keeps your pooch comfortable and happy
  • Fully adjustable chest strap provides a snug, secure fit
  • Disable with one click
  • Rust-proof welded D-ring provides a secure anchor for leashes
  • Soft touch traffic handle gives extra security when needed
  • The only harness that works with EzyDog's Convert Custom Side Badges 
  • Convert your Harness to a dog backpack with Convert Saddle Bags 
  • Color Options: Charcoal, Burgundy, Gold
  • Size Options: XXS, SX, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Note: Not all features are available on smaller sizes: XXS/XS



Now Go and Play!

A Dog Harness Vest for an Active Lifestyle

The Convert Harness is designed with practicality in mind. Built to be street- and trail- ready, it boasts a simple, utilitarian design that combines comfort with style. Durable materials and innovative construction help to ensure safety and a secure fit. Sleek and understated, the Convert Harness is also stylish. The Convert Harness helps keep your dog safe and comfortable, so the both of you can focus on all the fun you’re having outside! Transform your Convert Harness into a service dog backpack or hit the trails while your pup totes his own water and food with the NEW Convert Saddle Bags dog backpack attachment.

Dog Harnesses for the Outdoors

The sturdy and rugged Convert Harness vest has many functions. It provides security and pinch-free restraint for hikes. It can withstand substantial resistance, because it distributes the load across the chest and around the sides, rather than pulling across the throat the way a traditional collar does. You and your dog can tackle anything. Your dog harness should be able to do the same! A good match with the dog harness would be to pair it with an EzyDog dog leash for the ultimate in dog control.

Sizing Chart

For best fit measure the girth of the dog. This is the area behind the front legs and around the body. The neck will typically fall into place once girth is determined. If the measurement is close to the end of the size range, go up to the larger size.
Size Girth Inches Girth cm
XXS 15-17” 38-43cm
XS 16.5-19” 42-48
S 20.5-24” 52-66cm
M 24.5-31” 62-79cm
L 27.5-35.5” 70-90cm
XL 31.5-43.5” 80-110cm
XXL 34-45.5” 86-116cm


Eichardt's 2012 K9 Keg Pull to benefit the Panhandle Animal Shelter (01:33)
The Annual Eichardt's Keg Pull to benefit the Panhandle Animal Shelter - www.pasidaho.orgIt gets better every year.
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Product Reviews

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"Richard Udan"

31st Mar 2014
Innovative EZYDOG Vest

"I love this product. People understand that my pup pitty is "In Training" and that they are aware of that. So now kids and adults are never scared of him due to the Vest message.
Great product, well made and it looks really good on my dog.
I definitely recommend this product."


25th Mar 2014
worth every penny

"I have a large Wiem and a small mix. The Wiem would pull enough to choke himself when I walked him. Because this harness goes across his front chest instead of his neck, it eliminated all of the issues. Also he pulls a lot and because of the distribution of the pull in the new harness it doesn't seem as strong. I would highly
Recommend this product. "


5th Mar 2014
Sturdy/Well Made Dog Harness

"After seeing the EzyDog harness on display in a pet store, I decided that it was the harness I needed for my small miniature poodle. I am glad that I was able to try the different sizes on my dog. Based on the measurements provided by EzyDog, the XXS should fit him. He measures 14" in girth and the XS fits him perfectly. It has taken a while for him to get use to it as it was a bit stiff compared to the harness he was accustomed to, but he and I both like the fact that it is easy to put on him and easy to take off. Thank you for a nicely made product."

"Maureen Pulster"

19th Feb 2014
Harness smart and Functionable

"Ordered two - Each Boston Terrier look stylish and smart with their matching harnesses. Easy on and easy off - just what the like."


18th Feb 2014
Not what I was hoping for

"While this product has really good quality and materials, it didn't work as I expected. I have a front amputee tripod (missing right front leg). I purchased this harness because I need something that isn't going to roll around while on the leash. This product did not stay in place at all, and while she has her nose to the ground during the walk, the harness almost slid off over her head. Tried the harness on my other dog (4 legs) and it works great, but I don't need a harness for him. Overall just disappointed in the outcome.

We would love to help you with this!
This is a classic case of the harness being too large for the dog. When fit properly it is ideal for Front leg Amputees. We are even a preferred amputee harness over at
We would love to help with your sizing issue!"

"Maureen Pulster"

6th Feb 2014
Convert harness has converted me

"Great option for dog harness. Stylish, easy on and easy off, safely harness without the neck jerking and pulling. Love it!"

"Ted Werk"

7th Dec 2013
I know why it's called EZY ...

"Got these for our 2 CORGIs (who hate to have "anything" attached to them). What a breeze to put on, once fitted (also easy), am able to attach in seconds. The corgi's don't even mind (and they are finicky dogs). CORGIs are 25-30 pounds and we bought "small" harness (fit perfectly). We purchased a second one because the first one impressed us. You won't regret it !!!"

"T swop"

27th Nov 2013
Good fit no rubbing

"I have this on my 65 lb weimaraner and she seems to like it I have real nice control of her. I like the top hook type of harness like this. Well constructed so far as we use it on our hikes and my pup rolls in everything and still looks good"


12th Nov 2013
great harness for 3 legged dog

"Bought the harness for our 3 legged (rescue) dog ... but it was too big so our bigger dog uses it. Bought the small for the rescue dog and it is fabulous- so easy to put on. Only issue is they CAN get out of it if they "back up" -- yet to find a harness that a dog can't slip out of!"

"Dany Pierce-Knies"

17th Oct 2013
Certified Dog Trainer

"Awesome piece of equipment! I am currently working with a very troubled, under socialized & highly reactive GSD and this harness is the only one I would trust with a canine of said caliber!"

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