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CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint

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Dog Restraint For Dogs Who Need More Wiggle Room

Make your dogs trip in the car a safe one while still allowing some backseat freedom. This dog seat belt is great for keeping your pup under control while driving. Restrain them from jumping to the front seat creating a driving distraction or out the door when you just need him to stay put.

Product Information

  • Just click-it and go
  • Dog Harness and collar ready
  • Fully adjustable from 17.5 - 26 inches
  • Compatible with all EzyDog dog harnesses and harness vests
  • Color: Black


A Warning About our EzyDog CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint

Caution: This product is designed to be used with an EzyDog Harness to prevent driver distraction and restrain the dog to one position in the vehicle. In the event of a car accident it may not prevent injury to the passengers or your dog. Inspect attachment for wear or abrasion. Do not use if damaged.

CautionNOT for use in Volvo brand automobiles.

Now Go and Play!

EzyDog CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint - The Most Popular Dog Seat Belt Restraint!

Are you tired of your hard to use dog car harness? Are you tired of a flimsy cheap dog seat belt restraint that won't work? Well EzyDog has an innovative solution for you. The CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint, is a simple to use dog car harness that keeps your pup restrained while preventing driver distraction. 

Just click it into a car's seat belt buckle receiver and clip the snap hook to your pup's harness, and you're good to go! Pair the EzyDog CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint with an any of our EzyDog Dog Harnasses for a safe and secure way to keep your pup under control. Check out our full line of EzyDog Car Restraints products.

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Product Reviews

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"Melanie Rice"

10th Dec 2013
Absolutely Brilliant

"How clever -- it is now to so easy to secure my dogs in the back seat!"


17th Nov 2013
Helps Two Ways!

"Of course, it keeps my dog in the back seat where he belongs. I'm also using it for training. He can pull, leap, and jump; but, he can't get out of the car!! Patience is not is virtue but he is learning to stay until I tell him it's okay to get out of the car."


8th Aug 2013
Perfect to keep dog safe

"Got a new pup and wanted to restrain her in the car without having to bring the cage. This is perfect. She can move around, but can't jump out when the door is opened as we work on training. Also if she is safer if there was an emergency. Likely to order one for our other dog just to be safe. "


13th Jul 2013
love this product!!!

"Easy to use and adjust even for my rambuctious German shorthaired pointer!!!! Perfect design!!"

"Lisa Scaletta-Vitacco"

5th Jul 2013
Easy and conveinent especially for short trips

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! It is so easy to use... I needed something for short trips and found a harness type restraint to take longer to put on than the trip itself.Perfect for my life style and my dog. I could not have created anything better myself!"

"Kirsten Campbell"

13th May 2013
Click Adjustable Car Restraint

"I love the restraint, only bad thing is that it does not work with my Polaris Ranger seatbelt. It works excellent in the truck and keeps my Min Pin from jumping out of the window"


5th May 2013

"Good restraint for the dog. Just what I needed."


3rd May 2013
Utterly brilliant!

"This is a no-brainer purchase if your pup rides in the car with you and you want to insure that they are safe and secure. The simplicity of use makes this so easy to use! Thank you, EZY Dog, for this home run."


8th Apr 2013
A little peace of mind

"I was rear-ended in March 2013, resulting in the total loss of my Subaru Forester. I made up my mind to do two things after that crash -- buy another Subaru and get my dog a seat belt harness. Had she been in the car at the time of the accident (which she normally would have been on that day of the week), I'm not sure she'd still be here today. A friend recommended the chest plate harness and click restraint and that's been the new world order ever since. I don't have to mess with the seat belts themselves (perfect since they're under the back seat hammock). She curls up on her pillow and goes to sleep back there. I even got one for her mischievous buddy who rides with us on weekends. I hemmed and hawed about buying a second one for a dog that isn't even mine, but $20 seemed a small prince to pay for no longer having to deal with dog toenail prints on the console, dog hair on the front seats or grocery bag thievery in the cargo area. "


4th Apr 2013
a lifesaver

"I've tried several methods to secure my 2 dogs and these have by far been the best. Easy to adjust, and I can take them with me to use in other vehicles so easily. Love, love, love them!"

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