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Blue - EzyDog Standard Extensions
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Extend Your Lead to a Multiple Dog Leash in Seconds

Use our EzyDog bungee leash extensions to turn one dog leash into a multiple dog leash with tons of flexibility. 

Product Information

  • Strong material that is durable, flexible, and smooth
  • Different lengths, so it is a perfect fit for your dogs
  • Reflective strands in the cord to make sure it is seen at night
  • Swivel points that keep the leash tangle-free when managing two pets
  • Reliable clips and rings that connect the extension securely to your dog's collar
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Black, Green Camo, Pink Camo
  • Size Options: in 24 inch


standard extension diagram

Now Go and Play!

EzyDog's Standard Extensions With Tons of Versatility

You never know when you might need a good leash extension. If you are out camping and you need to tie your dog up temporarily, the standard leash extension can double as a tether, or if you decide to go for a run with your dog and a short dog leash doesn't give them enough room to jog along at your side, the leash extension is there to save the day!

The different ways a dog leash extension can come in handy is up to you and your imagination. Don't forget to add a unique dog collar, durable dog harness, or a dog leash coupler, only from EzyDog!

Pet Products Designed With Safety First

Tired of being pulled in different directions as you try to walk two dogs with two separate leashes? EzyDog Standard Extensions make it easy! Use the extension as a multiple dog leash and take a stroll in the park without worrying about your dogs getting tangled up, while at the same time the dogs have plenty of room to move around. It also makes it possible for you to control your dogs securely and safely. Go ahead and take the whole pack out for a walk! A multiple dog leash extends the fun so no one has to be left behind. Extend the fun with a multiple dog leash.


12 Reviews

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    Standard extension review

    Posted by Unspecified on 25th May 2012

    Extensions are great however, I have three dogs (small medium and large) and the length of the extensions should be at least 30" or more in order to give them some room to walk. As it stands they walk side by side (literally). So, I will have to get separate leashes. Make the extensions longer and I can take them on a bike run at the same time. Other than that it a good product. ________FROM EZYDOG_________ Thanks for the review. We do offer a 40" extension for those dogs that are needing a little more room. 24" seems to be the preferred length for those walking and wanting to keep dogs closer for control.

  • 5
    Great extra 24 inches of doggie freedom

    Posted by Jinger and Sandy on 26th Aug 2011

    I am a firm believer of NEVER letting my girl off leash. Unless she is in a secure fenced in area. This extra 24 inches is just what we needed to give her a bit more freedom to sniff and walk ahead. Gives her the feeling of a bit more freedom but is still 100% completely safe on leash. Will be great for our walks at the park and beach. We took it out for a try today when the package arrived. It is a must have. Jinger a Chihuahua has a size small ezydog Harness with a Ezydog Sparky leash and this ezydog standard extension. Perfect for her size and needs. This is the best pet walking products I have ever used. I have tried many many new products that claim to be the best only to find disappointment. Not with this one. I am a ezydog customer for life. Thank you Ezydog.

  • 5
    The Miracle Leash

    Posted by Marie on 23rd Aug 2011

    I adore this leash system. The extensions make it so easy to walk my two crazy girls - as a bonus, my Dixie has shown her leash buddy Ella that walking on a loose leash is the way to go. Yay! The two extensions are handy to walk my older dog: it gives him the freedom to sniff anywhere he likes without my having to follow him in the ditch.  I loved my Cujo leash, and now it's basically the best thing I own!

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