How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Pup You Love Most

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Pup You Love Most

31st Jan 2023

It’s the season of love! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to show your favorite folks—and pups—some extra love. Dogs provide us with unconditional love, affection, cuddles, and emotional support on a daily basis and are special family members to treat on Valentine’s Day, too. There are plenty of ways a dog lover can show their best friend a little extra love on this special day—here are a few of our favorite unconventional Valentine’s Day gift:

Give them a special treat.

Is your pet a fan of a flavorful bully stick, a classic Milk-Bone, or maybe a Starbucks pup-cup? Since they can’t have Valentine’s chocolates, they’ll appreciate you treating them to their favorite dog treats or snack instead.

Make eye contact.

When you hold eye contact with your dog, their brain releases oxytocin, giving them feelings of love and closeness. This is a great way to strengthen the bond between the two of you!

Cuddle with them.

If your furry friend enjoys snuggling up close to you, cuddling is the perfect way to show them you love them this Valentine's Day. Maybe take a little snooze together or invite your pup up onto the couch with you while you watch your favorite show.

Take a long walk.

Showing your dog love includes doing all their favorite things, and what dog doesn’t enjoy nice, long walks with their favorite person? And while you’re out and about, be sure to give them some extra time to sniff around. Their powerful sense of smell is an important way for them to communicate with other dogs and explore the world around them! Spot a dog park on your walk? Even better! 

Give them new toys or gear.

What better way to wish your dog a happy Valentine’s Day than with a new dog toy or gear? Upgrade Fido’s old gear to give them products they’ll really love. Try a brand-new shock absorbing leash, sleek, comfortable harness, stylish leather collar…or all of the above! And they’ll play for hours with a durable tug toy or high-flying frisbee. Explore these options and many more on our website

Play a game

Dog sports are a great way to channel your dog's energy into something fun you'll both enjoy. Here are a few of our favorite games:

  • Frisbee. This activity helps build your dog-owner bond, get some good exercise, and spend quality time with your pup. Check out the Fido Flyer™ and Dogstar™ Flying Disc to set up an epic game.
  • Fetch. Fetch is super fun for dogs. It allows them to show off their athletic prowess, appease their retrieval instincts, bask in our undivided attention, and burn off energy.
  • Tug of war. For a sturdy, tough dog toy the EzyDog Beaver Tail can't be beat! Perfect for playing and exercising large and small dogs. This floating tug toy for dog training or just a simple game of fetch.

Provide mental stimulation

Interactive toys and treats are a great way to provide mental stimulation to keep your dog entertained and happy. You can do this at home with some dog treats and a washcloth or dish towel. Roll some treats up inside and let your dog figure out how to unravel it and get the treats inside.

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