EzyDog Collars For Large Dogs

EzyDog offers some unique styles of collars that offer both fashion and function for everyday use. All EzyDog collars offer sizes for large dogs as well as small dogs.

The Checkmate Collar is the perfect collar to replace your current martingale collar. It features a low profile fit that you adjust to fit as you would a traditional collar. You will not have to adjust this multiple times every time you use it like a martingale. It also is a limited-slip collar so you can humanely correct your dog as well as keep them from slipping out of their collar. The XL size features and extra wide design that is perfect for your large dog.

The Double Up Collar features EzyDog’s soft touch webbing that is very comfortable on your dog’s neck. It also comes standard with 2 D-Rings to attach a leash to. This double d-ring attachment doubles the strength and removes almost all the pressure from the buckle. The XL size is extra wide which distributes the load more effectively for large dogs.

The Neo Collar features a Wide version that goes from a L to a 3XL. The 3XL goes up to a 32” neck! Wow that is a big dog! The Wide collar is extra wide, but still provides the same features as the standard Neo Collar. The Neoprene is perfect for dogs that are in and out of the water as it dries fast and is non-porous, so it is easy to clean and to keep smelling fresh. It is also reflective and has a dedicated spot to attach an ID Tag.

No matter your choice of EzyDog collar you will not be disappointed. These collars are durable, functional and come in a wide range of sizes sure to fit your large breed dog.

Large Dog Accessories: