Hit The Trail With An EzyDog Backpack For Your Large Dog

Outdoor adventures are the inspiration for almost all of EzyDog’s products. This is especially true of our backpacks. We want you and your dog to tackle every adventure with the proper gear to make the most of the experience. EzyDog offers two different styles of backpacks that come loaded with features that your large dog and you will love.

The Convert Harness with Saddle Bags comes in sizes S – XXL, so your large breed dog will fit perfectly. The rugged and practical Convert Harness itself is extremely adjustable and is available in 3 great colors. It is reflective, features a magnetic grab handle, has a durable polyester outer shell with a soft cotton lining to keep your pooch comfortable and happy. There is a Velcro attachment for side badges where your dog can display a message whether it is “Ask to Pet” or “Service Dog”, this will let others on the trail know more about your dog before engaging with them.

Just add a Large Saddle Bag set to the L – XXL Convert Harness to convert your harness into a backpack. These saddle bags offer numerous features. They are simple to securely attach to the harness. The saddle bags are made of ripstop material and use waterproof zippers. They are reflective and you can even attach the Convert Badges to display your message.

The Summit Backpack is also a great choice for your adventures with your large dog. In sizes S – XL, no dog is too big for the Summit. It features EzyDog’s award winning EVA Chest Plate as an anchor to the backpack, which keeps the pack form fitting and in place. Each bag is made of ripstop material with waterproof zippers. You can attach a leash to the d-ring and there is plenty of reflective for low light visibility.

So hit the trail in comfort and style with an EzyDog Backpack for your large dog. Now your hiking buddy can carry their own gear and you can focus on the trail ahead.

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