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Shock Absorbing Leash

Run Hard With an EzyDog Shock Absorbing Leash

It's not hard to imagine why you would need a shock absorbing leash. If you have been at work all day and your dog has been waiting in the backyard for you to get home, the moment you open the gate, you know he is going to be raring to go with all the energy and enthusiasm of a whirlwind! With a good stretchy dog leash, you can go ahead and run hard without worrying about the strain on your dog or on you.

Comfortable Dog Leashes Are a Must

If your dog pulls a lot at the leash, it can end up hurting both of you. But with an EzyDog comfortable dog leash, the strain is distributed in a way that keeps it from causing too much stress to your dog's collar and also from giving you sore hands as you hold onto the leash. It is an amazingly comfortable leash that is as strong as it is comfy. Whether you are going out for a calm stroll to the dog park or whether you are heading outdoors on a hike, a race, or a brisk run, a good shock absorbing leash is a necessity.

Varieties of EzyDog Shock Absorbing Leashes

  • The Cujo Leash – a short leash with a strong handle
  • The Mutley Leash – long leash with a soft, comfortable handle
  • The Sparky Leash – a long leash geared for smaller dogs

The different options in shock absorbing leashes are so that you can find the perfect type for your dog and your specific needs. The Sparky Leash is tailor made for dogs less than 22 lbs. Its length, lightweight material, and design make it ideal for small dogs, whereas the Cujo and Mutley leashes are more for medium to large size dogs. The Cujo Leash is a great training lead because of its firm, durable grip and its short length that keeps your dog close at your side. As for the Mutley Leash, it is a fantastic option for running or biking with your dog because of its long length, lightweight yet strong material, and its comfortable neoprene-lined handle.

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