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Leash By Length

Find the Perfect Length Leash for Your Dog

Your lifestyle, what kind of dog you have, what activities you like – these are all factors that influence what size and kind of leash you should buy. For instance, if you enjoy biking with your dog, a long leash is a must. On the other hand, though, if you walk often through crowded areas like city streets or parks, a short dog leash may be a better idea because it will keep your pooch close at your side and out of harm's way. Once you consider these things and decide on what length of leash is best for you and your dog, you are ready to explore all the options available at EzyDog!

Long Dog Leashes

  • The Mutley Leash –a shock absorbing leash with a soft, comfortable handle
  • The Sparky Leash – a long leash geared for smaller dogs
  • The Soft Trainer – a lightweight training leash with a soft handle
  • The Control Trainer – a strong, yet light leash with a strong handle

While the Soft Trainer and Control Trainer are specifically designed to be training leashes, they are still fantastic extra long dog leashes for everyday use! The thing that sets the Mutley and Sparky extra long dog leashes apart is their shock absorbing technology, which distributes the strain in a way that keeps your dog healthy and happy no matter how hard they tug at the leash or how hard they run.

Short Dog Leashes

  • The Cujo Leash – a shock absorbing leash with a comfortable handle
  • The Mongrel Leash – a strong large dog leash with a strong handle
  • The Neo Mongrel Leash – the lightweight version of the Mongrel Leash

The shock absorbing design of the Cujo Leash is perfect for an active lifestyle. If you love to run hard with your dog or if you have a strong, energetic dog that loves to tug away at the leash, the shock absorbing section in the lead will save both him and you a lot of stress and strain. As for the Mongrel and Neo Mongrel leashes, the brilliance of their design is in the optimum control they offer through the great, durable handle and short length of the lead.

There is always a variety of options in EzyDog products. If you buy a short leash and then decide that it would come in handy to have a longer lead as well, there are leash extensions that can prove to be extremely useful! Also, if you are looking for an extremely versatile leash, take a look at our adjustable Vario 4 Multi-Function Leash and the Vario 6 Multi-Function Leash too!

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