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Dog Control Harness

Stop Pulling with EzyDog Harnesses

With so much to look at and explore, who can really blame dogs for pulling at their leashes? They just want to get out there and smell the world! However, pulling can be tiring, frustrating, and even dangerous to your pooch. EzyDog has created dog harnesses that are effective in training your dog not to pull.

An Innovative Dog Harness - Control Harness!

By redistributing most of the load away from the throat (like traditional collars) and down to around the chest, your dog will be easier to control. Paired with one of our ergonomic leashes, you’ll be able to have your dog walking by your side in no time! The no-pull dog harnesses are designed to be comfortable for your dog, and they’re stylish, too! You’ll find that these harnesses are great for any walk, hike, or run - even when your pooch learns to stop tugging!

Our Dog Harnesses

Find the EzyDog dog anti-pull harness that fits your needs, and your dog - big or small!

  • Convert Harness - rugged, sturdy, customizable
  • Quick Fit Harness - comfortable, fast, a perfect fit
  • Chest Plate Harness - simple, adjustable, tons of colors

What are you waiting for? Order your anti-pull dog harness and start training!

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