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All Dog Life Jackets

No Compromises: the EzyDog Dog Life Jacket

You don’t have to sacrifice style or safety. EzyDog makes life vests for dogs that integrate high performance materials, durable construction, and stylish design. Each of our dog life jackets is extensively tested to ensure the most comfortable, ergonomic fit for your pooch, because a better fit is better safety.

The Best Dog Safety Vest

EzyDog life jackets for dogs are designed specifically to keep your dog in a natural swimming position, allowing for free, unhindered movement. Our flotation vests support the back end of your dog, making it easier for your dog to keep her head above water. The vests provide buoyancy, leaving your dog free to concentrate on having fun!

Our Life Vests for Dogs

Play safe on land and sea with an EzyDog dog life jacket!

  • Doggy Flotation Vest - comfortable, stylish safety
  • Micro Doggy Flotation Device - perfect for dogs under 15 lbs
  • Pairs perfectly with EzyDog leashes for all terrain play

What are you waiting for? Order your life vest for dogs and go and play!

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