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Red - EzyDog Checkmate Collars

Checkmate! All-Purpose EzyDog Training Collars

Looking for a reliable and secure adjustable dog collar? EzyDog Checkmate Collars are humanely designed not to choke your pup during dog training exercises or at your local excitement filled dog park. We love our pets and protecting them with a safe training collar is why we designed our line of Checkmate Collars.

Product Information

  • Does not require the act of resizing for each fitting
  • Humane and safe with proper use
  • Comfortable
  • Reflective Stitching
  • Durable nylon
  • Easy dog training collar
  • Ultimate control and handling
  • Color Options: Blue, Red, Chocolate, Black, Orange, Purple, Candy, Green Camo
  • Add a matching Custom ID Tag HERE

Size Options

  • SM  (.5" Wide)
  • MD  (.75" Wide)
  • LG   (1" Wide)
  • XL    (1.5" Wide)


Checkmate Dog Training Collars


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Checkmate Dog Collars are the Only Dog Training Collars You'll Ever Need

EzyDog Checkmate Dog Training Collars are Martingale collars that do not require the act of resizing for each fitting! So with all the time you just saved, you can spend it socializing and training your pup humanely and safely. The adjustable dog collar also has your pooch's comfort in mind, outfitted with a soft and durable nylon for years of use and years of comfort. Don't forget for the ultimate in dog training to pair your Checkmate collar with our amazing and innovative harnesses and leashes.

What is a Martingale Collar?

The EzyDog martingale design provides more control over your dog without the risk of choking effects much like competitor slip collars do. These adjustable dog collars are extensively used in dog training and also used to help keep your dog's head from slipping out of the collar during walks or when the dog gets overly excited. The EzyDog Checkmate martingale (control) collar is made with two loops. The larger loop is slipped onto the dogs neck and a leash is then clipped to the smaller loop. When the dog tries to pull, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop taut, which makes the large loop smaller and tighter on the neck, thus helping to prevent escape. When the Checkmate Collar is properly fitted, it will be comfortably loose without your dog noticing it much until the dog begins to pull.

A Warning About Our EzyDog Checkmate Collars:

  • Caution: Do not leave the d-ring collar on your pup unattended.
  • Caution: PLEASE do not ever leave a dog tied up. Doing so with the EzyDog Collar will void the warranty. Thanks for caring about the safety of your dog!
S 10 - 13" (25 -33cm) .5”
M 13 - 18" (33-46cm) .75”
L 17 - 26" (43-66cm) 1”
XL 22 - 33" (56-83cm) 1.5”


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  • 5
    Great martingale subsitute

    Posted by Allen Warren on 17th Sep 2017

    I've always used the martingale collars on my dogs, but didn't like the clinking of the chain. This collar is the solution to that issue. Also that it has a buckle makes taking it of and putting it back on a breeze

  • 5
    What a lifesaver!

    Posted by David on 7th Sep 2017

    My Rottie has a small head and fairly large neck. A traditional collar would slip right off. When I read about this one I figured it was worth a shot.

    She has plenty of slack to be more comfortable than a standard collar and when tight, it is still 2 fingers loose but I have full control of her. I will never use another regular collar again.

  • 5
    Checks my mate

    Posted by John on 6th Sep 2017

    I originally purchased this collar in blue. My wife wanted me to switch collars because she thought the color made our female English Pointer look like a boy. I refused to do so, because the collar worked too well checking our English Pointer's energy. It was a no-brainer, however, when it was released in purple. Now all are happy.

  • 5
    Best collar ever for one of our dogs

    Posted by Maddy on 29th Aug 2017

    Very sturdy. Can provide good control and/or reminder for a dog that prefers to be out front or loves nose to the ground or has limited impulse control issue. This is the second one we've had after a few years of continuous for a 75 lb energetic, enthusiastic, strong dog.

  • 4
    Love it!

    Posted by Gary on 14th Jun 2017

    Second purchase: Only collar I have ever found that does both the martingale and a snap-release. And the candy pattern is pretty, too.

  • 5
    Smart, Functional Collar!

    Posted by Tracy Atkins on 3rd Feb 2017

    I love the look and design of the Checkmate collar! I'm using the Candy design for my therapy dog!

  • 5
    My go-to dog walking and training collar.

    Posted by Lori Y on 26th Jan 2017

    These are better than classic martingale collars, as they lay flat when there's no tension on the leash. I've used them for years on everyday walks, obedience/rally training and competition, and on my service dog. Product approved by a Doberman pinscher, a basenji, and a beauceron.

    Pink Camo, please--my black coated girls demand it!

  • 5
    perfect training collar

    Posted by tanya on 29th Dec 2016

    This collar is fabulous for training a dog to heel ! And as a regular collar it's sturdy and stylish and easy to connect the leash to.

  • 5
    Great collar for Huskies!

    Posted by Joanne on 18th Oct 2016

    I was introduced to this collar 3 yrs. ago from SLO humane society. Regular collars would slip off her neck. Just bought a new one because the other got too small. Better than metal choke chains and lasts. Also has glow at night strip and a special place for tags.

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