How to Keep Dogs Warm During Winter

How to Keep Dogs Warm During Winter

9th Nov 2022

As we prepare for winter, it's also important to consider how the change in temperature will affect our pets. The simple truth is that nearly every species on earth notice the temperature changes that come with the seasons; dogs included.

Do dogs get cold?

Yes! And, luckily, there's a lot humans can do to help our canine friends stave off the cold weather. While some dog breeds are more suited to winter weather than others, even they have limited tolerance to the cold if the temperature drops too far.

Winter Coats

Humans tend to be less-motivated to get out during the cooler months but doing so can have many benefits on our health and wellness. But for our dogs, exercise, even in the coldest of months, is a critical part of their wellbeing.

Unlike us, dogs have natural fur coat that provides numerous benefits, including temperature control, but that layer can only protect them so much. Adding an additional layer with a dog coat helps insulate body heat and protect them from wet and bitter elements. This can be even more important for underweight or senior dog.

Our Element Jacket has been designed with a windproof and showerproof outer shell and a super-soft non-piling fleece inner-liner for a solution that's both warm and protects dogs from adverse weather. A zipper access on the back allows you to still make use of your dog's underlying harness or collar leash attachment and it also includes reflective trim for enhanced nighttime visibility.

But don't forget that dogs can also overheat, so be sure to take their jacket off of them when they're indoors!


Just like humans trend toward a more cozy mindset in the cold winter months, we can often find our dogs cuddled up in their beds. To ensure your dog is getting the maximum benefit and warmth from their bed, you need to be careful of where it is located. Flat hard surfaces can draw heat away from your dog's bed, so be sure to place it on your carpet and away from windows. For example, make sure your pet's bed is raised and away from cold, hard surfaces. If you don't have carpeted floors in an ideal location for your dog to lay down, you can also use a rug or a carpet underneath their bed to help retain the warmth.

Dog Booties

Dog boots help protect your dogs paws from ice and snow. Dogs' paw pads are generally pretty tough, but there are situations like, extremely cold temperature or snowy weather, where you should protect their pads from cuts and rough terrain.

Keeping Your Dog Warm Outside

When a dog spends a lot of time outside, it's imperative for them to have a proper shelter. Thankfully there's many suitable options from crates and dog house to kennels and other enclosures that are specifically designed to ward off the weather and trap heat inside. Make sure to put your dog's winter shelter in location that's raised and relatively protected from the weather already. If possible, an outdoor heated pad can really help your outside dog stay warm, although some shelters already come with this feature.

Be sure to also clean your outdoor dog bed and change their blankets regularly since they often track mud and snow into their shelter, which can inhibit their function.

How to keep your dog active when it's cold outside

An easy solution to recreating your dog that is often overlooked is the option of playing with them indoors. Even small open spaces can be a great place to play hide and seek with your dog, or you can even carefully play games of tug-o-war with an EzyDog Beavertail.

But if you and your dog find yourselves yearning to go outside for some fun in the fresh air, the right gear makes all the difference. Having a good, reliable, harness and leash with reflective stitching is a great start, but the colder months also typically require additional attention to your dog's warmth and visibility. As mentioned earlier, dog clothing is essential for when the temperature nears freezing or below, so be sure to give them an outer layer that keeps them warm while still allowing them to move freely. Making you and your dog more visible is always important for safety, especially in areas with traffic. Winter is notorious for limited daylight hours, so be sure to wear a headlamp or attach a light to your dog's gear.

We at EzyDog love spending time with our dogs and, being based in the mountains of Idaho, know first-hand the adversity dog owners can face when the forces of nature stand in the way of our favorite routines. This is why we cater our gear to enable our best friends to join in our adventures - no matter what season it is.