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VARIO 6 Multi-Function Leash + Carabineer

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Versatile & Cool Dog Leash Vario 6 + Carabineer

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The Vario 6 earns the title "Multi-Function" by working as both a single dog leash and a double dog leash while quickly converting to a hands free leash in seconds. This multi-function leash boasts EzyDog's own swiveling carabiner clasp for added strength.

Product Information

  • Easily converts from a 5 ft. leash to a 3 ft. leash in seconds
  • EzyDog's own unique swiveling carabiner
  • Use as either a single dog leash or a double dog leash
  • Use as a hands-free dog leash
  • Transforms into a traffic lead with one snap
  • High visibility light reflective webbing
  • Reflective Stitching
  • This is an extremely strong and durable leash
  • Color Options: Red



Now Go and Play!

Why is the Vario 6 Such a Cool Dog Leash?

Even if you have a large strong dog, that doesn't mean you need to carry around a heavy duty leash anymore. With the Vario 6 dog lead, you can have both extra comfort and extra security at the same time because of the wonderfully soft nylon material the leash is made of, it is comfortable for your dog to wear and it is comfortable for you to hold. Let your pooch run and tug at the leash all they want, the smooth nylon grip will keep your hands from getting scraped up by a rough leash handle. Don't forget to add a unique dog collar or a durable dog harness to accessorize your new leash from EzyDog!

EzyDog's Vario 6's are the Best Dog Leads and Leashes on the Pet Market!

This super cool dog leash can convert from a 5 ft. leash to a 3 ft. leash with one simple adjustment. It even works as a hands-free leash! That will certainly make running with your four-legged friend a lot easier. These dog leads can also be used as a short and as a long tether if you need to retrain your pet up for a short minute while grabbing a cup of coffee at your favorite dog friendly bistro.

The Vario 6 is Very Safe

The nylon material is not just soft; it is also durable. When we designed this multi-function dog leash, we decided to double up the nylon for added reliability, resilience, and security. We also added a strong swiveling and locking Carabineer to make the leash all the more dependable. Whether you have a team of huskies or one little Chihuahua, the Vario 6 leash will fit the job description perfectly. It's light enough for a small dog, yet tough enough to hold a large, energetic dog as well.

EzyDog Vario6 Multi-Function Leash (01:12)
See the Vario 6 in Real Life Instead of packing several different dog leads and leashes on your outing with your pooch, just take the Vario 6 Multi-Function Leash. It can be easily transformed into so many different things, it is bound to save the day in any situation! The Vario 6 is one leash that covers it all for you. 5 foot leash, 3 foot leash, Double dog leash, Hands free leash, Short and long tether. All this and the industries first swiveling and locking carabiner. Our proprietary blend of super soft, dual density nylon makes this leash as comfortable as it is functional.
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Product Reviews

"Laurel Pitman"

2nd Oct 2016
many uses

"This is a great looking leash, well made and has many uses. You can do just about anything with it. Its a nice tie out, works well for two dogs, wraps around the waist and can be used as a long lead. I carried it to the airport with my service dog. It certainly makes life a lot easier. It's like three leashes in one."

"poodle commander"

30th Sep 2016
Best multi position reflective leash hands down!

" I have tried many products over the past five years. This is the best for the money. Having a sturdy, multi position reflective leash is essential for walk assist and wheelchair assistance tasks. Well done!
I have occasionally had a small issue with my order. The delivery was impeccable and the issue was resolved very quickly. "


12th Oct 2013
awesome product

"My service dog loves his new leash"

"Mike C"

18th Jul 2012
Great leash

"Bought this leash along with the Cujo.

My wife loooves it. She thinks the hands free system is great.

Overall a great design. Looks and feels very strong and durable. Very versatile. No complaints."


8th Jul 2012
Maybe for small people

"I'm 6' tall and can't use the handless function. Maybe you have to buy a separate leash/extension to go with it, but this won't even reach my dog if I try it.

EzyDog - You may want to add a Standard Extension for additional length. The Hand's Free function works best with medium to large size dogs."


3rd Jul 2012



14th Sep 2011
Multiple functions!

"Lots of various ways to shorten the leash and to also use it as a tether. Perfect to help control my 28 week Weimaraner!"


26th Aug 2011

"the hands free function in itself makes this a great product.


23rd Aug 2011
This leash is a godsend!

"I have a 10 month old doberman and a 5 y/o shiba inu. I just got this leash and the neo collars yesterday. I was so excited to try it our and was so happy with the first use. My dobie is still young and very hyper at times, the big boy neo collar is great for her pulling and gives me a lot more control. So i hooked her up and got my 2 y/o son in his stroller and we were off! let me tell you how much easier my life just got! Hands free to push my jogging stroller and tend to my son while the dog is secure and close to my body. its like a freakin dream come true for me! it was so hard to control her and the stroller and it was becoming dangerous for us to go anywhere near traffic since it was so hard to keep her close with out pulling or getting ran over by the stroller. the combo of the big boy neo collar and the vario 6 leash has really changes my life, seriously! i can now enjoy my dog and feel safe with all of us out and about. I have yet to use it as a double leash but im planning on trying that out a little later. just an amazing product all around. thanks EZYDOG! 

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