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VARIO 4 Multi-Function Leash

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Vario 4 Multi-Function Dog Leash Best in Show

Made with a special blend of super soft nylon, the Vario 4 dog leashes are bound to make walks, play days, hikes, and every sort of adventure more enjoyable for everyone.

Product Information

  • Standard Vario 4 multi-function leash fits dogs over 26 lbs. or over (1" wide)
  • LITE Vario 4 multi-function leash fits dogs under 26 lbs.  (.5" wide)
  • Easily switch from a 6 ft. leash to a 3 ft. leash
  • Converts with one movement into 2 ft. control leash
  • It also functions as a temporary check collar and leash all-in-one
  • Reflective Stitching
  • Light reflective webbing for low light visibility
  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Chocolate, Candy, Green Camo, Pink Camo, BubbleGum, Purple
  • Add a Tangle Free Double Dog Coupler or LITE Coupler.



Now Go and Play!

What We Mean By Multi-Function Dog Leashes

The Vario 4 Multi-Function Leash is so versatile it can be easily transformed into a temporary collar and leash, a dog tether, a long leash, or a short leash. Simply put - the worlds best dog leash. With one Vario 4, you can pack light and hit the trails or the streets carefree. Whatever you need a leash for, the Vario 4 Multi-Function has got you covered. Don't forget to pick up a unique dog collar or a durable dog harness to go with your new dog leash from EzyDog!

Vario 4 LITE

Now the little guys can cruise in style with the Vario 4 LITE. Developed from our successful Vario and Trainer collection, the Vario 4 LITE has high visibility light reflective webbing and is perfect for dogs under 26 lbs. Converts to a 3 ft. 3 in. traffic leash to a full 6 ft. lead in seconds. The emergency check collar conversion helps control those little guys in tight stations.

Sensible & Stylish Dog Leashes

At EzyDog we work to keep both you and your dog happy. The Vario 4 Multi-Function leash is more than just practical and cool. It is also designed to be comfortable and pleasant for both your dog to wear and you to hold. For our world wide dog lovers visit one of our international dog accessory online stores for your all your dog leashes, harnesses, collars and more.

EzyDog Vario 4 Multi-Function Leash (01:38) The Vario 4 - Multi-Function Leash is so versatile it can be easily transformed into a temporary collar...
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Product Reviews

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"JJ "

30th Apr 2016
Very functional leash

"I like the versatility of this leash. It's very lightweight and easy to adjust from a long length to short to accommodate any situation.



4th Sep 2013
great leash

"love the multi functions of this leash"


18th Jun 2013
Secure and Sturdy

"Well made .Provides security when walking my dog.Stylish.Only drawback is the high shipping charge."

"Ginny S."

21st Apr 2013
Sturdy convertible leash!

"Bought two for my cocker spaniels. Love how easily they go from short to long, plus the metal rings on the ends make it easy to hook the dogs to my belt when I am strolling with them.
The quality is excellent and the reflective trim is a great extra.
Highly recommend these leads!"

"Karin P"

16th Feb 2013
LOVE this leash

"We do k9 nosework and often don't put on harnesses until we enter the building... then we remove them when we exit. This cuases us to have to care a lot of equipment. With this leash... we don't have to have collars, leashes, etc.. just this, and use it as both a leash w/harness and then just a slip nose for exiting.. its GREAT. "

"Karin - Westie Rescue Seattle "

12th Feb 2013
Love this Product

"We do a lot of rescue, and we are forever picking a dog up and the collar breaks, or it has no collar and leash or we have our hands full and then what... so you can tether, use it as a slip collar, or a regular collar. It replaces lots of things. WE LOVE IT. a must have"

"Michael Cosenza - Mkt Mgr. American Kennel Club"

1st Feb 2013
Fantastic Products from EZYDOG

"Well Designed product and perfect for me & my Little Dog...! Strong & Stylish Too !!"


24th Jan 2013
great leash!

"I accidentally bought this leash (I meant to buy the vario 6, which I later did buy) but thought that I would give it a try. I really like it! It is very light weight; lighter than the vario 6 and the other common leashes my dogs had before. And the metal loop on the handle doesn't bother me while running with my dog. It takes about 2 seconds to change from 6 ft. to 3 ft, so that comes handy in sudden traffic. I think that it is a great leash for the price and I will probably not go back to regular leashes again!"


9th Jul 2012
Great leash!

"Wonderfully versatile leash and goes great with the EzyDog collar!"


11th Jan 2012
A Must Have for all dog owners

"This is the only leash you will need! It is great to be able to go from a 6' leash to a 3' leash in a matter of one second! It is stylish, clean & sturdy. Thanks for such a great product! I would recommend this leash to all owners of mid to large size dogs. I think that the size and weight of the clip is too large/heavy for small sized dogs. It even has a ring at the hand loop which is GREAT for clipping my keys to when I don't have pockets, as well as my "doo bag" when we're out on public trails. They really thought this product through. There's even a non-slip logo attached perfectly where you place your second hand when walking the 6' leash in heel position. Nice comfortable fit for owner. Thanks EZYDog!"

Showing reviews 1-10 of 11 | Next

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