Seasonal CONVERT Side Badges

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Seasonal CONVERT Side Badges

Halloween Side Badge Set for the Convert Harness

Get in the Spirit of Halloween with these badge sets!  Make your "Sparky" Spooky or "Ginger" Ghostly!  Just No Clown costumes please!

FREE with Purchase of Convert Harness! 
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Product Information

  • Badges are sold in sets of 2.  "Trick" on one side and "Treat" on the other.
  • Badges securley fit to harness with Velcro.  1 Badge on each side of the harness.
  • Badges must be used with an EzyDog Convert Harness
  • Don't see the badge your looking for? Create your own by going to our Custom Side Badges page.
  • Size Options:
    • Small Badge Fits XXS - M Sized Convert Dog Harnesses
    • Large Badge Fits L - XXL Sized Convert Dog Harnesses

Side Badge Options 

  • Haunted House/Pumpkins
  • Bat/Cat
  • Bones/Paws

Now Go and Play!

We Offer These Unique Removable Service Dog Badges for Your Service Dog Harness

Stop being harassed by store owners every time you bring in your fellow service dog with you! These patches are a must to make your life as simple as possible, and it keeps you from explaining the same thing over and over hundreds of times a year, that your dog helps you, and you are within the law to bring him with you. Using an EzyDog Convert Harness also makes your life easier with your service dog, because the vest itself contains a soft pull handle for maximum control and dog manageability in stressful situations. Use the Convert Harness and badge as a safe and durable police dog harness and badge system. 

Don't Need a Badge for a Service Dog? Buy a Badge to Simply Customize

Make your dog an individual. You can put cute expressions on these badges for dog vests such as 'Princess' or 'Lover.' Maybe you have a dog so large, that people act afraid of her. Well you can simply add an expression to give your dog a better public relations profile! Make your dog a great doggy ambassador and add a badge!

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