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Choose between our Mutley 25 inch dog leash - great for larger dogs and the Mutly 40 inch - giving your pooch more freedom while reducing the pull hazard of traditional dog leashes. 

Product Information

  • Intuitive design that distributes the strain and allows for freedom of movement
  • The soft waterproof neoprene handle
  • The reflective tracers so you can stay safe in the dark
  • Handy accessory attachement ring
  • Standard Extensions to add length or a Standard Coupler to walk multiple dogs
  • Colors: Black
  • Size Options: 25 inch, 40 inch



Now Go and Play!

What Makes It Such a Versatile Dog Lead?

The Mutley large dog leash is as versatile as leashes come. Made to be durable and practical, the Mutley anti-pull dog lead is the best dog leash for an active lifestyle. The shock absorbing section allows your dog the freedom to jump and tug at the leash without hurting himself and also spares you from having to wrench your hand if your pet decides to make a run for it.

The variety of other features that make this dog leash so versatile are what give you the confidence to go out and have fun with your dog anywhere at any time. You know the Mutley leash will be up to the challenge. Don't forget to pair your wonderful new dog lead with a unique dog collar or a sturdy dog harness vest from EzyDog!

Night or Day, Rain or Shine, Let the Best Dog Leash Take You There!

Any time is the perfect time to go play with your dog using the Mutley anti-pull dog lead. You can venture out into the night without worrying; the reflective tracers in the leash will help make you visible in the headlights of passing cars. And you never have to take a rain check when you have the waterproof features of the Mutley leash.

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Product Reviews

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20th Jun 2013
The best leashes I've found, like no other.

"I chose the sturdy 25" leash along with two extensions to keep my two 12 and 22# dogs closer to me. The leash handle is soft, easy on my hand. After five years using two longer Mutley's, the handles had become compressed. I decided to try one leash with the extensions. It keeps Max and Milo together with them having to cooperate, rather than me managing two separate leashes.

These leashes are incredibly durable, with just enough bungee stretch. I won't use any other kind."

"Doug "

16th Apr 2013

"Soooo happy with this leash that I just bought another one for my other dog. Excellent product. I highly recommend.


20th Feb 2013
Great Control

"LOVE! this leash.. it is great for training your dog to stay next to your side as well as for dogs who tend to pull. The bungee in the middle corrects the dogs pulling without me having to tell the dog to stop or discipline him. My 10 month old English bull terrier Loves it"


20th Jan 2013
Great comfortable leash!

"I got the 25 inch leash in pink camo with the matching color quick fit harness, two of each for my big girls. These leashes are super stylish, bright and pretty, I was so excited when they came we walked the girls three times and all the neighbors were looking at their cool new gear. The handle is VERY comfortable and smooth on my wrist. The bungee helps a lot when they yank, it doesn't stop the pulling but it makes it so my elbow and shoulder aren't sore. It also makes it easier for me to correct the pulling since its so comfortable. My 70 pound pit bull and 50 pound husky love them! "


22nd Nov 2012

"Our Tibetan Terrier is very energetic and this leash is just what we needed. It reduces the shock or pull on our arms if he suddenly wants to chase a squirrel!!! Great handle also!! We will recommend this lease to everyone with a dog."


17th Oct 2012
awesome leash

"this is a great leash. the mutley is a little overkill for my 12 pound miniture dachshund but it will soon be used with a second extension for my other dog and should be perfect for the two dogs. the handle was the selling point for me and it is very comfortable and makes hanging on to it or slipping your hand into it great while on those long walks more enjoyable."

"Ashley C"

17th Oct 2012
Great leash

"I bought this leash for my three legged pit bull who is a horrible puller to the point that I hated walking her. I also felt bad trying to correct her for pulling since she only has the one back leg. I tried using a gentle leader for her but she threw herself on the ground and bloodied her face. I found this leash while searching for an alternative to walk her. This leash has made walking her a million times better. the length is great it keeps her at my side and the bungee corrects her nicely without putting a lot of strain on either of us. I actually like to walk my dog now."

"Kevin M."

16th Oct 2012
Works better than expected

"I had high expectations for the Mutley. But it exceeded them. Our 1 year old lab still pulls from time to time. And the Mutley definitely reduces the strain on her and me."

"Support Dog Rescues"

1st Jun 2012
One of the best leashes I've ever used!

"My husband prefers this (shorter) leash over my 40" Cujo. He likes to keep our dog close to his side, while I prefer to let the dog roam a bit. My husband also prefers the loop handle over the pyramid handle because his hands are bigger than mine. The small amount of stretch and the reflective trim are great features, but the best feature is the swivel snap that prevents twisting--with all our other leashes, we have to constantly stop and untangle/untwist the leash, but not so with the Mutley (and the Cujo). My husband says that this is the best leash he's ever used (and we have tried MANY). Also, EzyDog customer service is GREAT!"

"A. Summerall"

18th May 2012
Disappointed in the quality - was expecting more

"I read the reviews for this product before purchasing it and to be honest I was disappointed in what we received as it is an average (at best) quality leash that has a shock absorber built into it.

The construction of the leash was disappointing as it is just nylon braided rope that has been spliced to make the end connections with heatshrink over the splices to keep it looking neat.

My dad taught me how to braid nylon rope when I was a boy and I made my own leashes for my dogs back when I was a kid because I could not afford to buy them; unfortunately, this leash was just a few steps better (other than the shock absorber - which is cool) than what I made as a 12 year old boy.

The clasp (snap) was smaller than I expected and when shifting between the shortened leash to the full length with the extension on the D-ring the small snap leaves a lot to be desired. A larger snap/clasp would have made it a little more user friendly.

I did buy a wide collar at the same time and I am very happy with it and reviewed it as such, but I am disappointned in the leash as it looks like it was built to keep it as least expensive to make as possible.

____FROM EZYDOG_____
We are Sorry we have not met your expectations on this product. We strive to build our products to the finest and tightest specifications possible. However, if the leash is not performing to your expectations, we will happily provide you with an exchange or a refund."

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