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EzyDog Flying Disc - Rugged & Retrievable Dog Toys

EzyDog has made an even better retrieval toy/dog frisbee in the DogStar Flying Disc "dog toys made to last". Keep transport simple with this flying disc that folds into a small transportable size. 

Product Information

  • An awesome dog flying disc built to last
  • Lands on its "feet" to allow easy pickup for your dog
  • Neatly folds into quarters to fit in the pocket
  • "It Floats" fun for water and land


DogStar Flying Disc Dog Toys

A Warning About our EzyDog DogStar Flying Disc

Caution: This is a very durable retrieval toy. This is not a chew toy! For supervised fetch games only, so you will get miles of fun out of this item.


Now Go and Play!

This Dog Toy is a Dog Flying Disc That Effortlessly Glides With Little Work!

Why get another dog toy that is too bulky to carry to the park, or easily snaps when your dog gets a little too rough with it? EzyDog has a great solution for your dog's toys in our DogStar Flying Disc. This heavy duty dog frisbee is made for hours of fun and can even handle most of the tugging and pulling that your canine may dish out. It also lands neatly on its "feet", so your dog can quickly pick it up, and this dog toy also folds into fourths so you can put in your pocket for lots of on the go fun!

This toy can be used in Frisbee dog training. Agility fitness is very healthy for your dog, and she'll love to jump, fetch, bring it back, and spend extra time with you!  This heavy duty dog Frisbee will delight and excite them, and it flies very far with minimal effort! This toy is made to last for years of repeated uses, but it should be used in supervised fetch games and not as a simple chew toy for Fido. If you would like to take your Frisbee dog training to the next level, then please check out a leash, harness, or collar product from our original EzyDog line. Now go and play with our full line of rugged dog toys.


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Product Reviews


10th Mar 2016
Didn't last the night

"Unlike EZYdog's circular flying disk, this product though fun while it lasted was chewed up when I wasn't paying attention to my dog for maybe 30 minutes. I would rate it fragile for dogs that like to chew. First he took off the rubber corners, then he removed the plastic stays. Great idea, not executed well for endurance.

EzyDog Says:
Thank you for your review of the Dogstar. Please note this is made with the same materials and strength as the circular Fido Flyer. Both flyers have a very good record as a durable retrieval toy for supervised play. Please contact and we would be happy to assist you with this issue."

"thor's mom"

18th Aug 2015
not for alaskan malamutes

"My 11 month old alaskan malamute loves to chew on it. Unfortunately, this toy was destroyed within minutes of getting his attention.

EzyDog Says: Thank you for the review. The DogStar is designed for supervised retrieval games. It is not intended to be a chew toy."


11th Mar 2014
Fun to Throw

"My dog loves chasing this, and it flies pretty good. High quality, bright and colorful making it easy for my dog to find in the air. I like that its not hard plastic, much easier on my dogs teeth. Buy it, your dog will love it."


9th Feb 2014
Number One

"This has to be the best frisbee on the market today. Excellent toy for my yellow lab. She thoroughly enjoys playing and jumping to get it. Easy to grab, throw and easy for the dog to catch. Hours and hours of fun."


20th Aug 2013
Tale of Two Labs

"My labs love the unpredictability of this flying toy. It has a different action than the Fido Flyer and it keeps them on their toes. We purchased both the Fido Flyer and the DogStar and love them both. Again, a well-made product from a great company! Congrats EzyDog!"

"Vicky S"

11th Feb 2013
Seemed durable at first

"I was really hoping for the money this would hold up and at first it did. Unfortunately it has started coming apart after tossing it around to my Vizslas a few times. It went in the trash today because the plastic framing was starting to poke out. What a bummer, had high hopes for this one.

EzyDog Response:
The DogStar is great for supervised fetch games but is not a chew toy."

"Sherri A."

27th Jul 2012
My Cocker's favorite outdoor toy!

"I purchase the flying disc a few years ago and to my amazement my Cocker Spaniel, Sophie, loves this toy. I keep it up on the fridge in the garage and after I get home she runs to me then runs to the fridge because she want's me to throw the frisbee.
I actually purchased two more last year because she likes to chew on the corners even though I tell her no chew. Plus I think it just tends to flatten out from over use ;) When Ezydog offers free shipping again this is when I like to stock up. Definately worth the money though."


26th Aug 2011
Superb play response

"This item plays superbly and my two amstaffs love it.  They are very powerful dogs and they have tugged and wrestled with it.  It has stood the test of durability and it flies quite far with little effort.


23rd Aug 2011
Best flying disc around!

"Excellent flying disc and very strong and durable! This flying disc lasted long time.  Love it so much that is his favorite toys over all of them. 

We use it in the yard, tugged a war, swimming, and flys far away. Buster "the leaping dog" had to have extra discs by ezydog. 

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